Healing of problems

Healing is a complex topic and in main we connect the idea of healing with the idea of being ill or injured. In a more general approach, healing means to bring an imbalance back into balance. Balance means lawful order. And this means in human words to feel good, to be okay, also that things work out as they should, that you are in a flow state, that everything is fine for you.

And here we come to an expanded understanding of healing, especially spiritual healing. We cannot only work on the healing of wounds, diseases, traumata, etc. but we can also work on the healing of all fields of life like abundance, success in your profession, financial success, general happiness, relationships with family, friends, partners, coworkers, etc., success in your hobbies and so on. It is all about the positive and wide understanding of success in connection with happiness, order and a natural state of flow where things work without hardship and without blockades.

When we examine here the energy body, then we can see that healing of the fields of life means to clean blocking, bad, traumatic energies from certain chakras or organs to establish a vital flow of energy again. It also means to unfold, strengthen and refine specific chakras and to balance the work of all psychic centers. It means a higher level of vitality and the healing of bad events of the past which are connected to traumas and with to blockades and problems, often with other people.

Here is important to understand the differences between “normal” or general healing, specific healing and the work on fields of life. A normal or general healing lets you stay like you have been before in your personality. A specific healing works on a specific problem, injury or disease. And only when you consciously work on fields of life, you receive a refinement, a growing in personality in the field you have chosen.

In conclusion, it makes sense to start with a general healing which works like a spring-clean, then to do specific healing as far as needed and at last to focus on the healing of fields of life where you feel blocked.