The Fool

Everyone knows the tarot card called the fool. The fool is the one who starts his journey, his adventure, with good mood, with an airy temperament. His airy state makes him feel carefree. No doubts, no fears, no critical thoughts but the lightness to take his stuff and start wandering the path which lies in front of him. The carelessness is a typical characteristic of the fool. He has no burdens, nothing holding him back. He just enjoys the sunshine. He is in a cheerful state.

Probably all adventures start in this way and it can remind us of the hobbit who starts his journey to help the dwarfs getting back their kingdom. It is the innocence, the complete lack of knowledge what is waiting, what tests need to be passed, what dramas and pains must be taken but also what gifts will be received.  

The innocence of the fool can be the guarantee for fortune, but it can also easily be the doom. Being unprepared for an adventure is not the best start and can lead to a sudden end before it really beings.

Now, when we think about the spiritual path and adventure, the long journey into the unknown, then we meet the fool at the start again.

You might have heard and read a lot of stories about the spiritual journey, but this does not prepare you. You can also be a professor, a doctor, a scientist or whatever and you are not prepared. At the start of the spiritual journey all are equal, all are fools.

And the biggest fools are those who believe that they know what will come. The second big fools are those who believe that their title or position in society helps them in anyway.

So, at the start all are fools, innocent, ignorant, with different ideas in their heads, trusting in their fortune.

Quite early on the path, they all meet the gate to initiation. This gate can be passed only completely naked and so they have to leave behind all what they perceived as important in their lives. Money, property, title, position, education, human skills and characteristics, – nothing matters on the path and nothing passes the gate. Behind the gate completely different values count. Your heart will be scaled. Your soul be checked on impurities and imbalances. Your karma account is checked. Your aims and idols are checked. Your motivation and will to take the burdens of development are proved. And so on.

And you will meet the truth sitting on throne, laughing about your limited ideas, asking you in the end if you are willing to accept it in its purest nature.

By walking the path and undergoing all kinds of adventures and initiations, you develop yourself to the magician who symbolizes the opposite of the fool.

In conclusion, it doesn´t matter what you think, what you believe, what kind of desires or intentions you have. It doesn´t matter who you are in the human society, which position you have and what you believe about yourself. The path of initiation does not care about all these things as they have only human values which play no role at all for the spiritual journey. Truth does not care about your beliefs or wishes. Truth does not discuss your opinions. Truth or reality is omnipotent and makes you only one offer, – to accept and integrate it or to stay ignorant. And this is very important to understand for all spiritual seekers, independent from your self-perception, you are simply a fool at the start of the journey. The earlier you understand this in the appropriate humbleness, the earlier you can cast off all the human stuff to pass naked the gate to initiation.

In fact, it is a trap and a big obstacle to stick too long to all the human illusions about yourself and the path. Free yourself and become the empty chalice, the naked one and open yourself for the truth, for reality.

These things are the reason why initiates talk about “mysteries” and secrets which cannot be revealed to the profane. The profane simply cannot understand them. Give a profane a spiritual pearl and he will think it is a stone without value. Give a profane a spiritual stone and he might believe that it is gold in the human world.

The ego of the spiritual seeker produces all kinds of illusions which makes it hard to perceive reality as it is. Don´t stay trapped in your own illusions, free yourself, become naked and humble, open your eyes for the beauty of truth. Accept that you are an ignorant fool at the beginning, on the way to become a true magician.

Unfortunately, most seekers are so driven by their egos that they do not realize who ignorant they really are. And this makes it hard for them to take advice or to follow the true light. Many take their opinions in higher value and then wonder when they get lost.