Learning the lesson

Always when a problem appears then there is a lesson contained. This can be bigger or smaller lessons. Now we have three different options how to deal with it. The first option is to ignore the problem and its lesson as long as possible with the hope that it will go away by time. When we choose this option, the problem will grow and even if it goes away, it will return in this or a different way to bother us again. And so it is not a good choice. The second option is to see that there is a problem and maybe to get the insight that there is something which needs to be changed in thinking, emotional reaction and behavior. Here you follow a half-hearted way where you try to ignore the problem on the one hand and where you try to solve it with old, not useful patterns of behavior (which actually need transformation/growing). So, somehow you lack motivation to deal with the problem in a straight and efficient way. The effect is that the problem takes countless time to deal with which causes a lot of suffering and taking a lot of effort. So, this half-hearted option is not good too. The third option is to understand that there is a problem and to have a progressive attitude to learn the lesson and to solve the problem asap. This is the best option. Most people prefer option one or two. And this is the reason why people suffer so much.

In conclusion, when you see a small problem with a tendency to grow, stop, then meditate why this problem occurs, what the causes and the symptoms are, what the message of the problem is, how you can learn the lesson in best way and then to realize all these things.

I want to recommend here additionally a proactive attitude where you pray for divine guidance and empowerment to understand the problem, to understand the solution and to realize it all in a wonderful way. Those who are initiated in the mystical healing or have a strong god-connection can do a corresponding session for this purpose.

At last I want to point at the differentiation of karmic problems and positive challenges. In life, we have to face both. Karmic problems mean that there is a need to balance something in yourself or in relationships with others. This means in main cleaning, healing and balancing. And this means often hard work to end suffering. The opposite are positive challenges. Here all is fine and you simply “conquer” new fields of interest, new arts, new sciences, new philosophic topics, etc. This takes effort but it is fun and motivating and fruitful. And – the less karmic problems you have, the more you can focus on positive challenges to expand your mind and activities.

I write these things as they are topics related to wisdom. The better you understand the world, God and the human being, the better you can manage life. Wisdom offers the keys to manage knowledge and to solve problems.