Violet Light Meditation

Just a quick hint or reminder. You can use violet light very well for cleaning and healing of your microcosm, also for cleaning space in your flat. In your meditation you can imagine yourself surrounded by violet light, filling your aura, cleaning all wasted or negative energies, killing and dissolving larvae, dissolving bad emotions and bad thoughts, dissolving bad influences and energy connections. Violet light has great purifying and balancing effects. So you just keep meditating about the violet light working on you. Here it is even not necessary to breathe consciously this light. In a similar way you can imagine the violet light filling your room or you whole flat and cleaning the atmosphere from bad energies (thoughts and emotions, wasted energies, bad influences).

The violet light is a powerful purifier and very effective, also very simple in its application. Sometimes we need to get rid of all the dirt and this quickly.

By the way, when you charge the whole space of a room with violet light and you are in it, you will experience interesting effects on you. It is different to charging yourself. Just another hint.