Monsters in my system

In fact, every one of us is surrounded by monsters, monsters of all kinds of shape and size. Monsters are natural parts of our system. System means that no one lives completely on his own but quite the contrary, lives in relationships, in interdependencies and in interaction with many other people. These are people like family and friends, but also coworkers, the boss at the company, clients and those we meet in everyday life, like in a super market, etc. These other people are in parts quite normal or maybe also positive in nature and so we can deal with them more or less easily. But there are also people which are difficult to handle as they show characteristics which have a scaring “monster size”. And for this reason, I call them here monsters which needs to be taken with humor.

There is a whole zoo of monsters, – the super selfish monster, the super funny monster, the greedy monster, the bulling monster, the intellectual superior monster, the all-knowing monster, the materialistic monster, the bad taste monster, the drama monster and so many more.

Now, these monsters are not nice to deal with, can be a real burden and they also are like a plague, trying to consume you or to cover you with their ideas and emotions to make you do what they want.

In comparison to these monsters, you, as a spiritual person, are a saint, something pure and innocent, compassionate, patient, forgiving, etc. – looking like the perfect victim.

So the question is how to deal with the monsters in your system? Spiritual people have the tendency to simply suffer and to bear the monsters in their behavior. But this takes too much time and energy and does nothing good.

All monsters have something like a good side. So, the art is to address only this good side and to keep the bad side sleeping. In this way, the monsters are still bothering but quite good to handle.

The main method is to give the monsters the right candy which is satisfying them. Keeping them entertained and satisfied, they will behave in a good way. Monsters suffers from a specific need or deficiency. When you discover it, you can satisfy them very well. Distraction is also a very good method. And humor might work. The hardest measure is to set clear limitations in accepting their behavior. In worst case, you must close your relationship with them. But this is often a problem as they often belong to your family.

In conclusion, monsters can be nice and well behaving if you know how to deal with them in a good way. Without taking conscious measures, they keep making you suffer. And in the end, we cannot live without them. By love and good care, the monsters will transform and become balanced in nature. But this may take several incarnations. In the end, you can see it as a test and as a chance to prove your spiritual skills of patience and good attitude.