The power of sound

There is “something” which we call reality. Reality can be perceived with our five senses, – eye = light, ears = sounds, touch = feeling, nose = smell and tongue = taste. Although we have one reality, we can perceive this one reality in five different ways which are five different “worlds of experience”. These different aspects of reality have also different qualities corresponding to the four elements.

Sound has a very special quality. Sound is an aspect of the air element. And the air element plays a special role in creation too. The air element is the element of life, where life happens, where one feels alive, where things become alive. Life means activity, movement, action, development. Life can only happen between the two extreme poles of fire and water. We speak about the lightness of life, the joy of life, etc., that we need air to breathe to feel alive and to feel free.

In the highest spiritual art and science, we use the sound to make energy alive, dynamic, powerful.

And in normal life, we enjoy music to start dancing, moving, to release stress, to become happy. Music moves our souls. Imagine here a big party of hundreds of people, all are dancing to the music. Light, feeling, smell and taste cannot do this, only sound can move people like this. The power of sound.

These things are interesting, but I want to point at something special. Life in the material world is characterized by earth element qualities. This means that we have countless duties to follow every day. Life is structured, organized and it repeats in patterns. This big earth element impact on us as humans can easily cause a burden, a heaviness for the soul with a tendency to depression. If there is too much heaviness in your life, you lose the lightness, the joy of life, the feeling of freedom. Additionally, all obstacles in life, all blockades have a certain “earthy nature”. Bad experiences tend to get more and more realized, heavy, concrete and with this hard to remove, to heal. When we understand these principles, then we can go against this natural-materialistic heaviness by conscious activation of the air element. This means to listen to music, to go dancing, to have fun with others. When you do this, your heavy burdens will be released and you will feel much better. Also blockades and obstacles will vanish and you will have more energy to manage all your earthy duties in life. So, music is a master key for survival, for happiness, also for progress and success. The air element brings harmony and harmony is divine and when you are in the divine state, life becomes easier, happier, better.

In conclusion, vitalize and stay happy by music and dancing. Break your blockades in this way. Life wants to be enjoyed!