The Divine Script

We can understand life in the material plane as a great stage play. Why? Because all what happens is prepared, constructed, follows hidden senses, actors come and go, and there is a director with a big team which organizes everything. All creatures and especially the human being are the actors in this play. The normal stage play is the small, limited version from this super-size play on earth. While a normal stage play offers one story, maybe a drama or tragedy or comedy which is finished after an hour, the real play of life offers everything, all topics, countless actors, changing sceneries and all in a continuing endless mode.

Now, let us imagine this situation in the limited format of a normal stage play. There is the stage, there are the actors, there is the team, there is the director and the play on the stage has no beginning and no end. Stories are narrated on the stage, different things are happening, some things start while others come to an end. When a story ends, we understand why and how things have developed, which lessons were learned, what was good and what was bad but maybe also useful. Old actors leave the stage, new actors come. Interesting is that the actors do not know that it is a stage play although they know that they take roles. They also do not know the whole script, only small parts. It seems that the scrip develops by time by itself. The actors are also not aware of the team and the director. And the whole stage play feels absolutely real.

In conclusion, we have many mysteries. Those who are initiated know that God is the director and that the spiritual hierarchy of deities of all spheres and the beings of the element kingdoms are the team which does all the background work, the organization, while the human souls incarnate on the material plane to take their roles in the great play. The initiates also know that although the material plane is real, there are higher realities beyond the veils of Maya and for this reason we can call it a stage play.

Now, besides these fascinating mysteries and things which are going on, probably the most fascinating mystery is the secret script for the development of mankind, of life on this stage.

There is a good reason why God is also called Divine Providence. The reason is that God is the only one who knows everything, who knows the future. This knowing of the future can be also understood as the divine plans, the will of God, for the developments on earth. The point is now that everyone wants to know the future. Normal people think about it. Scientists try to predict it. Religions pretend to know it. And the representatives of the light side and of the dark side are open for insights to get prepared for taking their roles. And so it is no wonder that you find plans, insights and predictions in all secret societies and the statements of leaders that they are the chosen ones to fulfil what they have seen. This is quite fascinating. “This is my role!” “This is my mission!” “I will do this, accepting all sacrifices!” It is the super-size assignment for roles like the selection for the fitting actors for a movie. So much excitement. And one time you play the bad guy while afterwards you play the good guy. Roles can change easily, good – bad, man – woman, poor – rich, powerful – powerless, – all ideas of God are realized and experienced.

Fascinating in the end is that God is the director, each one of the team, each actor and even the stage with its scenery. The wonder of life.