Three types of wisdom

Basically, we must differentiate between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is the quantity of information we have. And wisdom is the ability and maturity to differentiate this quantity of information in regards of quality. We need a certain degree of wisdom to be able to deal with knowledge. Imagine that you have a telephone book with thousands of telephone numbers. This is nice but you need wisdom to find the right telephone number. Wisdom means to differentiate information regarding quality and it means to “know how” to do things, how to accomplish aims and how to solve problems.  And here it is obvious that wisdom is a matter of experiences. The more experienced you are, the wiser you can manage knowledge and problems. In the animal kingdom, for example in a group of elephants, the oldest, most experienced and therefore wisest elephant is the leader. In history this principle was also valid for human societies. Today, wisdom seems to have disappeared and so we have countless problems everywhere.

Now we can differentiate three types of wisdom. The basic type of wisdom is completely experience orientated. The more experiences you have made in a certain field, the wiser you can manage it. In former times and in parts today, we call certain people “masters”, for example a master goldsmith. A master goldsmith knows everything about the work with gold and has made all necessary practical experiences. So when there is a problem or question in this regard, we can simply ask a master goldsmith to get a wise answer. A master has mastered his field of profession. And so we connect the title master with experience, wisdom and perfection.

The second type of wisdom is a matter of spiritual development and enlightenment. It is connected to spiritual maturity and mastery. Due to the spiritual training a deep purification, healing and refinement too place and so the Divine Spirit dwells in the human temple of the soul. It is the Divine Light of understanding and it is the flourishing of the heart chakra with its refined air element and Akasha aspects. All in all it is the experience of the underlying unity in creation which offers intuitive wisdom and understanding of everything.

The third type of wisdom is based on the second one. It is enlightenment plus comprehensive studies of the nature of God, the human being and creation. Especially the principles and laws of creation on the different planes of existence are important to understand as they offer the keys to comprehend and manage all problems and to answer all questions.

Now, the first type of wisdom is human and can be achieved in all fields of life, – in all arts, sciences, professions and aspects of human activities. The second type is rare as it requires enlightenment which is not easy to realize. And the third type requires further, comprehensive studies where universal knowledge must be available. With this, the third type is the rarest one.

The wise man asks now “What is important regarding wisdom?”

First of all, wisdom needs to be reestablished in the mind of people and then the acquirement of wisdom needs to be supported.

Then important positions in society, politics and economy must be filled with wise persons to guarantee positive developments and prosperity for all. In this way, order will be reestablished as well.

And then we need enlightened persons who help to put the right questions for the normal people to awake from their delusions. Due to all the brainwashing in society, religion, politics, media, etc. people live nearly completely in a world of delusion where they do things which are destructive and chaotic, where they cause a lot of suffering for nothing of real value. This negative conditioning must be broken, so that healing can unfold. The Sadhguru does a very good job in this regard with questioning people´s behaviors and attitude. The problem is indeed like people wearing VR Headsets, being imprisoned in an artificial reality and not able to perceive the world as it is. People must get rid of these VR Headsets to come back to natural reality and common sense. So this field of work will take a lot of energy. It is the liberation of people from the darkness.

And at last, laws and principles of creation need to be taught for all, so that everyone can understand our world better, finding keys to solve problems and to make progress.

The approach and work of the Sadhguru is very important and a very nice example how enlightened masters cause necessary changes, always with good humor and good stories, with compassion and understanding. May he inspire a lot of people to work the same way for liberating mankind from its darkness and delusions.