Imagine you are God

When you are a follower of a religion or maybe of a spiritual tradition then it is quite normal to take the human perspective on God and creation. Especially in religions it is common that it is forbidden to question God or even to think about “his behavior”, “his rules”, etc. The religious leaders often state that something is God´s will and that this should not be questioned. So the follower is very limited and forced to accept what his priests tell him. This is a “wonderful” situation. There is no deeper understanding of God, the human being and creation possible if there is only the reference to “holy teachings” or the word of the priests. The follower and even the priests have to keep their ignorance.

Now let us change the perspective to question certain religious teachings about God, mankind and creation.

In fact we have two options regarding the nature of God. One option is that God is in his character a human being with super natural powers. The second option is that God must be something beyond a human character, a universal, superior intelligence, something which is not easy to understand or to grab.

Now let us take a look at the material world. We live on the planet earth which is a small “ball of matter” in a bigger system of planets with the sun in the center, – our solar system. But this big solar system is just nearly “nothing” compared with the dimensions of the universe with its galaxies and countless suns and planets.

When we go back to number one, – the One God of the whole universe then it is hard to accept the idea that a human like being – something like a father with a long white beard – has created all this. The second option makes obviously more sense, – that a superior primordial divine spirit has created the material worlds (as a last step after the mental realms and the realms of the souls were realized).

As we know is the material world based on physics, mathematics, chemistry, etc. which all work according to specific laws. Obviously there was no human like being who “made” matter and physical bodies like an artist in a pottery. Everything must have been realized by the power of universal laws.

Let us focus now on our planet earth with nature, animals and human beings. Imagine now that you are the One God, almighty, omniscient, all-loving, merciful, wise, etc.

For some reason you decide to create our solar system. For some reason you decide further on to create living beings, – plants, animals and human beings.

Obviously you like diversity, so you create a diversity of beings with different appearances, characteristics and functions, – somehow all as parts of a greater unity, of a working system. So this is indeed amazing, brilliant, a divine master piece.

But for some reason this is not enough and you create human beings, – again with a diversity of characteristics, cultures, traditions, languages, etc.

And now we come to the interesting points:

You are the One God and you have created a lot of human beings all over the planet earth.

What do you think? Would you choose a few and unveil yourself to them? Would you give them a special “religion” to serve you, to worship you? Would you tell them how to dress? Would you tell them to sacrifice animals for yourself? Would you ask them to mutilate themselves for you? Would you tell them that all other humans are wrong, misbehaving, dammed for eternity, without any value? Would you be jealous? Would you be vengeful? Would you love to torture and to kill your people? Would you behave like an aggressive, selfish warlord? Would you tell the people that a few are more precious, having more rights, more wealth than all others and that most of your worshippers are meant to live like dull slaves to serve the few? And would you hide yourself in a holy shrine, in a room inside of a temple? Would you allow only a few chosen ones to receive your inspiration or could everyone contact you? Would you support wars among all your children? Would you establish many different religions and if so for which purpose? Would you need to make experiments with your creatures? Destroying a first mankind because the people were not “good” enough and starting a second one which is bad too?! And would you sacrifice your own son for the sins of people while the people do not change their evil attitude at all? Would you inspire people to destroy your creation and to torture and exploit your creatures? And so on…

What kind of the One God would you be? How would you create people? How would you behave as a superior being? Would you be human like, pretending to be beyond human characteristics, absolute but nevertheless selfish, revengeful, evil and only for a few chosen ones full of love, mercy, wealth providing, while the rest has to suffer? Or would you be a superior intelligence, super human, really divine in all your virtues and powers? And would you give your creation a higher sense which can be discovered by those who ask?

And if you think that there must be something wrong with the understanding of the One God in many religions, then it is maybe time to discuss with your fellows your understanding of God, religion and the position of the human being.

And maybe it is time to follow your spiritual roots beyond the religious dogmas.

And then you have the chance to get to know the One God by yourself.