Healing in the Name of God

As we all know a diversity of healing treatments exists, – normal treatments and spiritual ones. In the spiritual field we have many specific energies and methods to support healing processes on mind, soul and in the physical body. We can say that there is a pyr-amid or triangle, a hierarchy of treatments. For example you can work on the level of the four elements to restore the health. You can work specifically on one of the three planes of existence. You can work with the principle of polarity, yin – yang, using the electric and magnetic fluids. And you can work with the principle of unity, the one power of life. Four – three – two – one. One is the top of the hierarchy, of the triangle or pyramid. For each level there are many ways to work. For example you can use specific energies produced by the body for healing on the level of the four elements or you can use the universal energies of the elements which shows different effects. In the same way there exist different forms of light with specific applications.
I want to talk here about a special case. Besides all great healers and masters we have Jesus and his very special statements about his personal way of providing healing treatments.
He emphasizes the unity with his father, the Divine Father which is indeed the Great Spirit. In the name of the Divine Father he does his work and wonders happen. These “wonders” go beyond the normal healing results.
Remarkable is also his statement that when he forgives sins that they are forgiven.
“Translated” this all means that he goes beyond the normal law of karma, – that he indeed dissolves karma.
We can say that normally a doctor or healer dissolves or balances some karma, – karma on a lower level to a certain degree and only if it is possible. So when a surgeon removes for example a tumor, then healing can take place but the aspects of the tumor on the level of mind and soul are not treated. This karma is not really dissolved or healed.
We have to understand here also that karma is originally something which happens on a higher or highest level of the human micro-cosm. Karma is a core program which rules you. It is a subconscious drive where it is hard to get into control of it. So it is not easy to dissolve karma in its highest aspects which are most powerful.
But Jesus does this. And this can only be done on a divine level of spiritual healing.
When we study the Akasha element and special aspects of it like the first light of Akasha, then we can see the great and superior power of this element in healing treatments. Jesus and other great masters have been operating on this level, – the highest level. And indeed on this level karma can be dissolved and deepest healing can take place. Fate can be changed.
Bardon talks about this indirectly when he describes the cosmic letter U. Here we meet Akasha and also the primary light of Akasha, the mystery of the primary self.
Through all times healing in the name of the Divine Father has been taught and practiced. One main representative of the healing art was Jesus and he passed on this knowledge and initiation to his disciples. He gave the command to them to go out into the world and to heal all those who were suffering.
This healing tradition is certainly still alive and will be for all times.
Try to understand the deep meaning of it. All the healers of this tradition have gone beyond the limitations of this world, beyond the limitations of karma and fate by reconnecting the suffering people back to the source of all life, by supplying highest, divine energy for deepest healing on all three planes.
Indeed they went against the normal system.
In the normal case you can suffer over months, years, decades and even whole incarnations until your karma is balanced. But they broke this vicious process in the name of the Divine Spirit.
I am more than deeply grateful that I stand in this holy tradition and that I am allowed to work in this way as far as possible.
Although karma can be forgiven and much more, there are further factors which have to be regarded. A patient must be ready to re-ceive healing. He must be open, willing to take changes. Healing is often no fun but a serious change in life, in the way you think, feel and behave.
However, for those who are ready for healing and changes I gladly offer healing sessions worldwide.
Please check my page: Spiritual Healing with Ray del Sole
May we all find healing in the light and the love of God!

With love,