The world of (artificial) deficiency

Many years ago I thought about hell and the Christian idea of it. Can you imagine an underworld full of fire and devils who do not get bored from torturing souls eternally? Indeed it is a wonderful idea. I love such ideas as they are completely free of any sense but still people believe them. And then I thought that the real hell is our material world as we are separated here from the most important “thing”, – from God and the happy conditions of a divine world. If you have dwelled in higher realms with divine conditions for life then it means to descend to hell when you incarnate here.

The material world is the opposite of the divine realms. It is the world of dead matter where everything takes much effort while the higher realms are the world of spirit where everything is easily accomplished. The challenges of the material world can be compared with the highest level of difficulty in a video game.

The divine world has the qualities of abundance, of intelligence and perfection. In the material world we find reflections of these qualities. But it is not the same.

Let´s imagine people living in and with nature like native people did until they were civilized and missionized. They are integrated in nature, in the natural order and so they live in a natural way. If they need to do something, then they do it and if there is nothing which needs to be done then they just enjoy being. Such people take or better took part in the natural abundance as there was no deficiency in nature. In nature you always have enough fruits, vegetables, fish, water, etc. You have also enough natural products for building homes and tools for work.

Today we are far away from a life in and with nature. We live in an artificial world and our economic system is built on the idea of deficiency. Everyone is permanently in a state of deficiency as he has to pay bills every month for everything. Everyone has to work permanently to be able to pay his bills to sustain life.

Most of the wealth which people create by their work is taken by taxes, by the debts of the state and all in all by those who have invented the system, – the high performance society where money rules over all other things.

The deficiency of the material world is artificial and just a matter of an unhealthy system. Abundance still exists but only for the top of the pyramid.

It is time for changes, time for awakening and I hope the best that the latest revelations of the free energy devices of the Keshe foundation will bring a major change. When energy is free then a big step towards freedom is done. Then hell can turn into a good world for life.