When I leave this world…

Have you ever really thought about your life and when you leave this world? Most people are completely unaware about the meaning of their incarnation and the connected consequences afterwards. People just live from day to day and one day is the last one and then life goes on on a higher plane. It is an unconscious process.

For spiritual people it should be different. We make conscious decisions. We set consciously aims for life. We dedicate ourselves to higher ideals.

When I was a young boy I have dedicated myself to accomplish wisdom. This aim certainly includes spiritual development and training. And it includes a life of following a higher sense, of serving God, mankind and creation.

This attitude belongs to the nature of every noble warrior on the spiritual path to mastery and of every realized master. We are here to serve according to our abilities. We are parts of a greater unity, connected and nourished by divine love and guided by divine wisdom.

These ideals are also the measure or standard we have to use for how we live, how we behave and what we do in our incarnation. Do we follow our aims, our ideals? Do we serve well? Do we live in respect and honor? Or do we fail? Do we have a good conscience? Can we justify our deeds?

These are questions which keep us on track, – on the right path.

When I leave this world one day, I want to be satisfied with myself and my work. I want to have a good conscience for having shown always the best possible behavior. I want to see that I was a good servant of God´s plans, a good servant for my spiritual brothers and sisters and a good servant for mankind and creation. I want to leave this world in honor. Mission completed. Well done.

And when I am on the other side, in the higher realms, when I have to justify myself before the Lord, I want to call on all those souls and beings which I have met in my incarnation so that they bear witness to my behavior and attitude. I want that every soul can say that I have behaved in a good and noble way, that I have served well as far as possible and that I deserve the honor to be accepted in the higher realms among the brothers and sisters of the Light.

Life needs a sense which goes beyond the simple ego. Think about it. How do you justify yourself before the Lord?