Pseudo-Science and Pseudo-Wisdom

In former times people appreciated wisdom and wise men very much. Wisdom was a great quality and the wise men were worshipped, deeply respected with high positions in society.

Today people are so “wise” that they have forgotten about the value and necessity of wisdom in life and society. We can also say in a not really kind way that the ignorance is dominating today. Or even worse – the dull and the evil are ruling.

It is interesting to examine how the “elite” has replaced wisdom by pseudo-scientific argumentations for or against something.

On this level it is not about laws or principles or logic or best intentions or higher aims, etc. Here everything is based on interests and justifying them with pseudo-scientific argumentations. And this is wonderful.

You can see this in the media, on TV, in newspapers, indeed everywhere and certainly in schools and at universities.

“The scientific research proves that …..”

“The doctor says….”

“The leading scientists say…”

Especially wonderful is when you can see the illogical quality of their argumentation; when you can see the bad intention behind it, the desire to manipulate you or the ego which needs satisfaction.

Indeed this can have an entertaining quality. In the end it is just sad how far society has lost the real values of life.

It is also sad that still so many people believe in this pseudo-science and pseudo-wisdom for decision making.