The Misinterpretation of Equality Teachings

This is a nice and stupid topic at the same time. Especially in Indian teachings but also in Chinese and Western teachings we find this saying “Stay untouched by good and evil happenings in life. Take the good things and the bad things equally.” Something like this.

Such teachings are just given but not explained and so they are easily misunderstood. The misinterpretation is to think that good and evil are equal, that both are good and that it is also good to behave in both ways. Light is darkness and darkness is light. And the second aspect of misunderstanding is that it is possible or useful to behave like a dead man. Someone who is dead doesn´t care about good and bad events in life. So this is all nonsense.

The right understanding is this: The master knows that good and bad things happen in life. But thanks to his deep wisdom and knowledge he sees this not as limited as a normal human being but from a higher and more comprehensive, holistic point of view. So even if a dear person dies, he knows that his soul is living on. And if something bad happens then he knows that there are reasons for it. This deeper understanding makes life easier for the master and he can deal with it in a better way. Further on the master knows that it is all about balance and the ability to get back into balance, to recover, heal, find peace, etc. So it is not about staying in a black whole or being wounded forever or depressed for eternity but it is about getting up, getting healed and going on in your journey of life. So this is the key point. It is the smart dealing with all situations in life. And as a master is not a numb zombie but quite the contrary he feels joy and he feels pain but he knows that nothing lasts forever. So he enjoys the good times and is able to cope with the bad times but never gets upset or completely out of balance. The master stays centered as he has developed all four elements perfectly in quantity and quality and is set in the Akasha point, the center of life itself. The master represents Akasha and with this inner peace and harmony, also the power to react in the right way whatever may come.

So please understand that the spiritual path is not about becoming a numb zombie but to increase life to a maximum in a most balanced way in yourself. And it is also all about mastery in life.

I also know quite a lot nice guys who really teach and practice the idea that good and evil are equal which they use to justify selfish, evil behavior. So everything has somewhere a sense or reason but this does not make everything equal. Wisdom asks us to differentiate and the divine love asks us to follow the positive principle, to show compassion and to serve mankind and creation. Only if you are focused in selfishness without the development of your higher centers (crown and heart) you believe such nonsense of equality.

So only as long as such dualistic gurus can satisfy their desires by good and evil behavior they love their teachings. But as soon as they become victims of someone else and lose money, health, happiness, etc. they won´t appreciate their own teachings anymore.

But these are just a few traps of countless traps on the path.