The Role of the Mystic

For spiritual seekers or students on a spiritual path many things are not clear or directly comprehensible. The whole path is more an adventure in an unknown area than anything else.
For this reason I want to bring some clarity about spiritual devel-opment is accomplished. The mystic plays here a major role.
Today many people think that they just have to do spiritual exercises and that this leads to all wished for results or aims, – in the end to experience enlightenment, the nature of God and so on. But this has not been reality and probably will never be.
Spiritual training is in fact only one side of the whole process of spiritual development.
This idea that you just have to follow a spiritual training (on your own) and you will make good progress has grown from a diversity of books which offer theory and practice for spiritual development. “When I read the book and do the exercises I will accomplish…..”
Throughout the whole history of mankind there was probably not a single man or woman who followed the instructions of a book and accomplished spiritual powers, enlightenment, etc.
Quite the contrary all spiritual seekers were integrated in a spiritual tradition with gurus, grand masters, masters, older brothers, etc. They have studied written teachings for sure but the main teachings were given directly by the master and something more important happened, – the master or guru gave initiation to the student. This initiation was in parts a matter of knowledge and in more important parts a transmission of enlightening energies which unfolded trans-forming effects in the nature of the student.
This initiation, transmission of spiritual powers or enlightenment was given to bring the student on a new level in his development. Maybe old blockades had to be dissolved to enable progress or the student was mature enough to make the next step of progress. Certainly and nevertheless the student had to follow his training and do his exercises.
We see here the two sides of the development, – the proactive work of the student and the empowerment by his teacher. When these two sides are respected we have a lawful and positive development or training.
The transmission of enlightenment and spiritual power is a matter of divine grace, love and compassion. It is the mystical aspect. God reaches out for you while you are making steps towards God.
Here it is certainly important that the student is open and receptive for the divine love and enlightenment. For this reason it has been normal to set this mystical attitude as a requirement for starting the training. Bardon takes this as a matter of fact without any need for comprehensive explanations in the same way as good health is re-quired.
On the other hand today are many people who see spiritual training just as a way to inflate their egos, to gain super powers, to dominate others, to be worshipped, respected, etc. With this attitude you cannot make real progress. Maybe you are able to realize some abilities or powers and maybe you get some followers and a nice position in a secret society.
However this may be, we focus here on the true spiritual develop-ment.
In this context I want to point at the terms “magician” and “mystic”. We can say that a magician is a master of metaphysics, a scientist and practical professional in dealing with all kinds of energies on all planes of creation. A mystic is someone who is enlightened, who has not only a good connection to God but also knows God in all aspects of his nature and has developed a divine nature by himself. Both, magician and mystic are the two poles of one polarity. You need a mystical attitude to undergo a magical training in a safe and successful way. And you need magical training to reach the highest degrees of a mystic, – realize the divine nature in yourself. So in conclusion the authentic spiritual student is always both, – magician and mystic as both are interdependent. The teachings and training in metaphysics as well as the refinement process of the mystic have different phases or times of focus during the spiritual training itself. Simplified put you start with a mystical attitude to make progress in the magical training which helps you to refine. And when you have reached a sufficient progress in magic you are able to unite with God in his virtues and to go on with refining yourself to a divine being in all aspects. The whole path is reciprocally managed, leading between the poles of magic and mysticism.
Now let us imagine that we observe a spiritual school. Then we have the students, starting from absolute beginners and going to ad-vanced practitioners. And we have those which can be called already masters and maybe grand masters. It is up to the master or teacher, who has already realized high degrees of divine unity to support his students by the transmission of enlightenment, spiritual powers, etc. Such a master is certainly a magician, master of meta-physics but in main he is a mystic, a temple of God and with this a representative of God, a guru in its original sense. So a real mystic is always in a higher position than a normal magician who hasn´t ac-complished unity with God so far respectively the total refinement into divine nature.
In conclusion what can we say?
In best case respectively the normal case, you are in a real spiritual tradition with a real guru or master, a real mystic who will support your progress by the transmission of spiritual power and enlight-enment. In the common case of today you have your book with instructions for training which you follow. Here it is highly recom-mendable to provide a mystical attitude and to pray for enlighten-ment, divine guidance and support for progress. And at last in the worst case you try it completely on your own by undergoing the metaphysical training according to your book.
I must say that real spiritual traditions still exist worldwide and it is the individual choice to join them or not.
And then I must say that all those who make progress by using a book have had already spiritual training in former incarnations and are just completing or continuing their education.
I am glad that we will be able to offer a well-balanced spiritual train-ing at the Sura Academy where the mystical transmission plays a major role for a safe and good progress. The transmission will be used especially for the mystical process which includes cleaning, healing and refinement.
So far the Sura Academy is in the preparation phase. The websites should be ready in November this year. For more details please contact me directly.