Healing Meditations

I present here three useful meditations to help yourself. The first one is about getting rid of all the bad mental, emotional and energetic stuff you do not need at all (Cleaning). The second meditation is about integrating all aspects of yourself which has a great healing effect. The third meditation is about vitalizing yourself in a most comprehensive way. You can repeat all meditations as often as you like or need to.

Cleaning meditation:

You need a bucket full of cold water with a good amount of salt in it. You place this bucket in front of you during your meditation.

Now get into your asana, close your eyes and inhale and exhale consciously several times in a natural, deep rhythm to calm down. Now hold your hands in front of you like holding a small ball. Now imagine that all bad energies, all bad thoughts, all bad emotions, all wasted energies, etc. are flowing from your mind, soul, energy system, body through your hands into the small energy ball between them. The more bad energies are flowing into this ball, the bigger it becomes and you feel how it is growing as your hands get more and more on distance. So the ball of bad energies is growing maybe to the size of a soccer ball. Focus with your will, your intention and your love that all bad energies of your microcosm flow completely into the energy sphere between your hands. This energy sphere maybe has a grey or dark color. When you are ready, when you have the feeling that all the bad energy is now in the sphere, you take it and put it completely into the cold salt water bucket. The bad energies are now in the water and they stay there. Now cut yourself off from these energies in a ritual like you cut a string from both hands. Now you are disconnected from these bad energies and the energies are trapped in the cold water. The salt in the water is dissolving the bad energies. After a few minutes you can dump the water into the toilet bowl or down the drain. Let some further water flow afterwards. All the bad energies are now gone and you have cleaned yourself. This works very well.

You can enhance this meditation – if you like – in this way:

Prepare yourself as described. Before you create the sphere between your hands, you do this: You are in the center of green energy and you inhale this green energy. This green energy has wonderful dissolving effects on all bad energies in your energy system and your aura. The green energy dissolves and makes loose all the bad energies, all bad thoughts, blockades, bad emotions, bad experiences in life, ill energies, etc. It works like using a dishwashing liquid to make the dirt loose, to dissolve the dirt on your dishes. So you inhale the green energy and you let the green energy flow through your system so that it can clean you, that it can dissolve all kinds of blockades. Let the green energy also clean your whole aura, your whole microcosm. When you have the feeling that all the bad energies are now loose, then let everything flow into the sphere between your hands and put the sphere later into the bucket as described already. After this you exhale all the green energies again into the universe so that you and your aura appear in a nice, fresh, cleaned way. The green energy is soft, giving peace and harmony and makes bad energies loose in a very good way.

The integrative meditation:

This meditation serves the principle of unity. Imagine that you are the mother or father of many different children. Some children are good while other children are bad and misbehaving. So some children make you happy and others cause a lot of problems. What can you do? You can integrate and heal them all with love to become one happy family. In fact we all are creators, creators of thoughts, emotions and the circumstances of life. And not all of our creatures are good. Some might be bad, ill or unhealthy and these “bad” creatures – our children – have to be healed, have to be brought back in the light, have to be nourished with love, so that the originally unity is restored.

In the macrocosm the divine love is underlying the whole creation and maintaining the higher unity. And exactly this we can achieve in our microcosm too.

Now get into your meditative state. Imagine yourself as a microcosm, a sphere which is full of thoughts and emotions, full of all kinds of energies. All these energies want to be integrated and healed and we do this by love. Imagine now that you microcosm is producing rose-pink love energy which is filling more and more your whole sphere, permeating all thoughts, emotions and other energies in your microcosm. And this all-permeating, all-embracing, all-healing, all-nourishing, all-transforming love energy is uniting you as the creator with all your creatures and creations. All your babies, all your children receive love and with this a deep healing. With this love you embrace all your problems, all your misbehaving children and this love is curing them, is releasing all the darkness and making them light again. Do this as long as it needs to have integrated everything for a deep healing.

Here we see the idea at work that you can redeem darkness only by love and by light. Send love and light to your problems, to yourself, to the parts which are suffering, to all what is bad and dark and you will liberate them, you will redeem them. And we all need salvation. Darkness needs salvation. And only God can give salvation, the source of light, love and abundance. You as a son or daughter can give salvation.

And if you suffer in a relationship or in a situation then let rose-pink love energy permeate this situation, this other person, this problem and let it bring salvation, healing, light to it. Change its nature with love and light! Restore the higher unity! In unity there is no space for fighting, for fears, for suffering, etc.

Meditation about abundance:

Here we focus on the analogy of macrocosm and microcosm. The macrocosm is our solar system which is ruled and nourished by the sun. The sun is the center of the system. Without the sun the whole system would be in darkness and no life, no order, simply nothing would take place. So the sun has a special meaning and represents the ideas of God, the center, the ruler, the vitalizing, life spending source, the light giving, etc. All ideas about nourishing, vitalizing and with about abundance, happiness, fulfilment, etc. are connected deeply to the sun with all its attributes.

The first step is to become completely aware of the very special meaning of the sun for the solar system (macrocosm) and for nature and all the creatures. And in the second step you transfer these ideas into your microcosm.

So you are in your asana, in a meditative state and you imagine yourself as a microcosm, something like a big sphere with several layers on the three planes. You are a sphere on all three planes. And now imagine that in the center of this sphere a wonderful, divine sun is growing to fill your whole microcosm, your whole soul, your whole being with divine sunlight. And this divine sunlight is nourishing you in all aspects of your being. It is enlightening you. It is vitalizing you. It is empowering you. It brings order into your microcosm. It is strengthening you. It has uplifting effects on you. It is warming your soul. It is activating all parts of you, and so on. In fact you are integrating the principle of abundance on all planes into your microcosm. And when your mind and your soul take part in the natural-divine abundance, then the principle of abundance can unfold itself also in your life, your business and in your spiritual development, – simply everywhere. And with this integration of abundance something astonishing happens, – all the darkness of your mind and soul can vanish, all your fears, your doubts, your bad thoughts, your bad emotions can dissolve as the light of the inner sun is replacing them with their opposite energies, with power and light! When there is light then there is no place for darkness! Meditate about this. Realize this in your personality, in your microcosm! Become a sun yourself and shine bright!

Sol invictus!

In conclusion you can help yourself with these three meditations in a very effective and simple way. Just do it.