Abundance and deficiency

In fact there exist only two main states in creation, – the state of abundance and the state of deficiency. Human beings are often somewhere between these poles. God is absolute abundance. The greater the distance is to God, to the source of life, the greater is the deficiency. We can also say that abundance is pure white light while deficiency is pure darkness, the lacking of light.

We can address all positive qualities to abundance and all negative qualities to deficiency. So in fact the healing of diseases, of bad characteristics, of the ego, of all kinds of flaws is a matter of replacing deficiency by abundance. If you suffer from hunger then you need something good to eat. If the glass is empty then you need to fill it. If there is darkness then turn on the light.

It is very useful to meditate deeply about this polarity of abundance and deficiency in all its aspects.

The main point here is that in most cases it is already a major deal for healing, happiness and success if you place yourself consciously into the mental-emotional state of abundance. Try to merge with abundance, try to feel it, try to take part in it in all aspects. Let go all feelings and ideas of deficiency.

While emptiness, deficiency is pure darkness, nothingness – abundance can be taken as the powerful sun which provides everything in the solar system. So let the sun shine in your microcosm like it shines in the macrocosm. Let the sun nourish you with light, enlightenment, with warmth, with vitality, with power, with success and happiness, etc. Do a nice meditation with these ideas. Also let the light of the sun make all the darkness vanish and dissolve inside of your microcosm. Let it bring healing and fulfillment to you.

Repeat such meditations and you will see that you will change and that your life will change. That worries, doubts, fears, problems, etc. will dissolve while all kinds of strengths will grow in you.

Where light is there can´t be any darkness!

It is one of the most powerful meditations which can go even beyond the results which I have described here.