Senses and Perception

Officially we have five senses, – vision, audition, feeling, smell and taste. From a spiritual point of view it is a little bit different. Here we do not focus directly on the single senses but we use the fivefold key and the threefold key of wisdom for a deeper understanding.

The fivefold key:

  1. Akasha element
  2. Principle of unity, beyond time and space – merging with the nature of an object for direct understanding, instant knowledge
  3. Fire element
  4. Light – vision
  5. Air element
  6. Air – sound – audition
  7. Water element
  8. Magnetism – feeling, touch
  9. Earth element
  10. Substance – smell, taste

The threefold key:

  1. The mental world (spirit)
  2. Mental senses for the perception of the mental world and the indirect perception of the lower planes of existence
  3. The astral world (soul)
  4. Astral senses for the perception of the astral world and the transfer of the perception of the physical world to the mental senses
  5. The physical world (body)
  6. Physical senses for the perception of the material world

Special aspects about senses and perception:

Due to our threefold nature we have all senses on the three planes of existence. Normally not all senses are well developed or equally developed but we emphasize one or a few senses like vision and audition for example. Then there are a few people who have a perfectly developed smell or taste, etc. This is just a matter of talent and training.

The senses are directly connected to our mental state. When all senses are trained well then your mind is very vital, perfectly balanced and powerful. If you mind is very airy then your smell and taste are probably untrained but your audition will be probably great. When you have a well-developed will and vision then your ability to feel might lack. In conclusion your senses, your mental state and your mental abilities are connected, influence and balance each other.

The work of the senses is bound or limited or focused on the microcosm. This means when we are incarnated our perceptions is focused on the impressions of the material world. When we live as souls without a physical body then our focus of perception lies on the astral world. When we are pure spirit without the other two bodies, then we perceive the mental world. This makes sense. Now there is the phenomenon that some people have impressions from the higher realms while they are incarnated on earth, – this by illness, congenital talent or special training. Here the concerned senses are vitalized and developed on the astral plane and maybe refined on the mental plane. Normally the astral senses are more or less inactive and just used for the transfer of physical impressions to the mental senses. Another aspect is that it is possible to consciously open the energetic structure at certain points for a higher perception. Here the protection nets of certain chakras are opened and closed again. Most known is the opening of the third eye for clairvoyance and to close it again for normal physical vision. People who suffer from schizophrenia or from the misuse of drugs have damages in their protection nets and with this a permanent perception of the higher realms respectively their lower astral surroundings. And here it is no wonder that they get mad as it is not nice what they perceive. Shamans and initiates are certainly not ill and so not focused on the perception of lower realms. According to their nature and intention they can perceive the higher realms.

According to the universal laws of spiritual development it makes sense to develop the astral senses and refine the mental senses at least for the vision, audition and feeling. The spiritual student has to awake, to vitalize and refine his whole nature, especially the astral body (soul) and his mental nature. The development of the senses is just an aspect of the general awakening process. The main points are here to dissolve all blockades in the perception (as the senses are unused, “rusty”), to vitalize and to refine them. Here the analogue element energy plus the Akasha element play major roles. For example for the development of clairaudience you need the finest air element and the Akasha qualities of permeating time and space to be able to hear everything which you want to hear. The same is true with clairvoyance. You need the finest light and the Akasha qualities to bridge time and space. The Akasha qualities bridge also the protection structures of the body. The senses are prepared with the corresponding energies and after a while of training it takes only a small impulse of intention to load the organs with the energy and to make them ready for the higher perception. Afterwards the small impulse of intention is enough to unload the sense organs again for the normal perception of the physical world. Impressions of the higher realms and the physical world can be blended by intention.

Now I want to point at the idea that unlimited perception over time and space is a divine ability. Who is all-knowing, all-perceiving, all-permeating and with this all-seeing, all-hearing, all-feeling, all-smelling and all-tasting? The divine spirit, God. This means that when you activate your higher senses then this can be combined with the idea of unity with God, that you take part in the divine nature with these special abilities. This is especially a useful idea for the training of the senses.

As a last point I want to talk about the “Akasha sense”. Where do you find all information about someone or something? In himself or in the object itself. By the use of Akasha respectively the principle of unity you can unite with the other person or being or object and then you take part in its nature with full access to all information on all planes. The core of our mind is Akasha itself. It is our highest nature and so when we are trained we can unite our mind with everything independent from time and space. This special ability provides direct answers, instant knowledge. There is no need for thinking or research as you just unite with the object/subject of interest, take part in its nature and directly knows what you have been looking for. For this special ability you must have trained a lot with Akasha and you must have refined your consciousness so that it can easily move and unite with external objects. This ability corresponds with the so-called Akasha-reading and can be misunderstood as “normal” clairsentience which is a matter of the magnetism of the water element.

And maybe as a strange or funny addition – it is possible to open our energetic structure at points on the body which normally have nothing to do with any kind of perception but then can be used for all kinds of perceptions. There are spiritual traditions which work with the heart chakra and teach how to open it for clairvoyance and clairaudience. But also other points are possible.

The higher perception comes along with the terms intuition (vision) and inspiration (clairaudience), also with instinct (feeling), etc. Here our centers of mind and soul perceive something, receive information and it is up to us if we understand and follow them or if we trust in our limited intellect. But this is a different topic.

The more you refine your nature corresponding to the five elements, the better will be your perception.

May divine intuition guide you for a blessed and happy life!