Working with Mental Spaces

We know spaces in form of rooms in a house or in different buildings or free spaces in nature. A space is the frame where something takes place. This we call situation. So we face a certain situation in a certain space. When you are in your kitchen then you face the situation of yourself being in the kitchen in the space of your kitchen. So we have the subject (you), the situation (kitchen) and the space (the 3d space of the room where your kitchen is built in). But a space does not only contain physical objects or a person but also mental and astral qualities and powers. This means a space contains information, ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, all kinds of energies, a history and a future. When you are in your kitchen then you can perceive with all your senses what is happening in this specific space. Normally you perceive the physical reality of the kitchen but on a mental level you can also remember happenings of the past and maybe you can also think about future events in your kitchen. If you meet another person in the kitchen then you can talk with him, produce thoughts and maybe also emotions. This all takes place in the space of the kitchen. While you are in the kitchen you have no direct perception of the situation in your living room or in your office or what is happening in the space of your garden. If you want to get this information then you have to change the space. You go into the garden and perceive for example that the birds are singing, the sun is shining, the grass is green, etc. So in conclusion by moving from one space or situation into another one you are able to take part in its specific reality. This is quite simple and logical.

And this is also true for mental and emotional spaces (more or less independent from your physical space). Imagine that you study mathematics for school. This means your mind is occupied with mathematics. Your mind is in the mental space of the mathematical teachings. But when you change the mental space by watching a movie, your mind will enter directly the mental space of the action of the movie. Now think about your emotional state. Imagine something wonderful has happened. Now you are in the emotional space of happiness. Let´s imagine you have to take part in an oral exam. Now you are in the space of emotional distress. You simply have changed the emotional space.

The mental space, the emotional space and the physical space are normally analogue. Here you can replace the term space with situation.

Bardon talks also about situation and it is useful to understand what he means.

Now let´s get back to the idea to move from one room to another room to perceive directly the situation there, to perceive the qualities of the specific space or atmosphere (!). Normally you can easily move from one room to another room in the physical world.

According to the Akasha principle you can also move from one mental space to another mental space. And this is also true for feelings. It is all a matter of being aware of this possibility and to do such a move consciously. Moving is realized here by intention or by imagination. Intention is already enough but refers especially to the mental plane. But as we are incarnated we move also with our soul and therefore are able to perceive the emotional field or space which is connected to the mental space. Imagination, especially emotional imagination is useful for the conscious creation of an emotional space for special purposes.

Imagine that you are a spiritual student and that you know about the higher laws of nature. Imagine that you get into your asana (physical situation). You are aware that you are in the mental, emotional and physical space of your microcosm. Now you make a shift and you set the intention to be in the temple or church you know well. And in fact you are now on the mental plane in the mental space of this specific church or temple and you take part in this mental atmosphere with its specific qualities and powers. As your soul is connected to your mind, you are also able to have corresponding feelings. In the same way you can make a shift to set the intention to be in the mental space of another person or animal or being. So indeed you can connect with everything and everyone by intention, by moving your mind into the corresponding mental space.

But that´s not all. Indeed you can enter a single thought with your mind. You can enter a complex idea, a problem, etc. It is like entering a physical room, a situation or space. And you can move in this situation, you can change your perspective, you can move aspects, things, objects and subjects in this situation to have a different perception.

Imagine that you want to work with the idea “love”. Imagine that there is a small sphere which represents this idea in front of you. It is love in front of you. And now imagine that this sphere is growing so that you can enter it, that you are in the mental space of love. Now you can perceive love and its meaning for you. As you are connected to your astral body, your soul, you are able to feel love as well. When you have finished this experiment, you just imagine to step out of this specific mental space.

Do this experiment with the following ideas:

“All my blockades and imbalances are dissolving completely!”

“All my bad karma, all misery and pain are dissolving completely!”

“All my wounds are healed!”

“I am a beloved child of God!”

“I am absolutely successful!”

“I am taking part in the natural-divine abundance of life!”

“I enjoy financial freedom and abundance!”

“I am experiencing perfect health!”

“I receive divine fortune in all I do!”

You will probably feel great effects and changes in your microcosm as you change your mental space, as you change the quality and power of your mental situation.

A second possibility is to write down such ideas on a paper or to engrave it into an amulet and then consciously make the idea grow so that you can step into it. But do this one by one and not altogether.

And certainly you can influence the mental spaces of rooms, other persons, of complex organizations, communities, etc. in this way. It is all a matter of conscious operations on the mental plane.

Remember that you are a creator of reality. You can be a conscious creator on all three planes!

And you can change your reality!