The Perfect State

We can say that there are two main states of mind, of life itself. One state is static and the other one is dynamic. These two states are also known as Shiva and Shakti or pure being and action or static balance and dynamic balance, etc. There can be said much about the mystery of Shiva and Shakti, which I have done already in a different article. Here I want to point only at the static state, Shiva´s mind, etc.

When we think about life then we see action on all planes, dynamic processes at work, permanent changes. Beyond these actions there is pure being, the static existence of life, the origin of life, the origin of all these dynamic processes. Beyond all our thoughts, all the emotions and all the physical actions there is this static state, the state of perfection, of perfect balance, of total peace.

This perfect state is our primordial nature. It is the state where you can meet God, where you can receive enlightenment.

You can do a nice meditation. Get into your asana, close your eyes, calm down and now try to get closes step by step to this special state. Imagine that this perfect state is pure being. You are pure being. There is nothing to do, nothing to think about, nothing to feel, no action is needed. Everything is there. There are no worries, no doubts, no duties, no tasks to fulfill. There is no time, no space. There is no creation, no creatures, nothing to accomplish. There is no past and no future. There is only you in the presence. There is no body, no soul, no form. There is only pure being, pure perfection. There is no mind. No thoughts to process. Only pure awareness. It is only your original being. You are. Not more and nothing else. Nothing to do, nothing to decide. No thing. Just be. Only unity. Nothing else. Only fulfilment. Only perfection. Only one. Only now. I am. I am beyond time and space, beyond form, beyond creation. I am. And this I am is complete, is perfect. This I am is the state from which the sun is born. It is the sphere of the eternal light. The sphere beyond creation. The divine sphere. It is God, the divine spirit in its perfect state, the state of unity. From this sphere the divine nature in our solar system, in creation is born. We are the children of the sun. Our original nature is the nature of the sun sphere, the sun energy, pure sun light. And now imagine that you are pure sun light, a pure being of the sun, that the sun energy is your original divine nature, the core of your being. And now open yourself of a major, comprehensive enlightenment. Be a conscious child of the sun. Become the light which you are!

Meet God half the way in the sun sphere!

This meditation can truly bring enlightenment to you. This meditation is further on useful to recharge yourself, to recover from the challenges of life, to reconnect to your divine nature.

Every time you need peace of mind, to strengthen yourself, you can do this meditation. Reconnect to the source!

Enter the perfect state!