Mental Magic

I think that it is not for all really clear what mental magic means and so I want to write a little bit about this topic as it is very important. We human beings are creators. In main we are unconscious creators, led by unconscious impulses which create a reality which is not always positive but causing many problems. So the point is to become aware of this problem with the unconscious creation of reality and to switch to a conscious, positive, responsible creation of your own reality and the reality of society.

This is the one main point and the second main point is that the mental world, the mental reality is analogue, similar to what we know from the material world. So indeed we have mental spaces, – rooms with certain qualities. We have mental creatures, – thoughts and all kinds of beings which look for realization. We have a whole mental world and it is up to us to move through this world beyond time and space consciously, to enter certain realms, spheres, spaces, to create them consciously, to connect to them, to receive impressions, information, powers, etc. in them and from them. It is important to become aware of all the possibilities which are connected to the mental world and its laws.

Imagine you are in Greece and you are visiting the ruins of an antique temple of an old Greek god. As a normal tourist you are only active on the material plane and you look at the ruins and maybe you are fascinated. But you can enter the ruins also consciously on the higher planes in the time where the temple was active and the spirit of the god and the priests was still alive. And then you pass time and space and can directly get impressions of this special atmosphere, of the qualities, the nature of this god and maybe you see, hear, feel, smell what was going on there in this time. And this can be very interesting and more fascinating than just watching ruins.

Or imagine that you have a room for your meditations. So far it is just a physical room but you can create here also a special mental space with qualities which support all your meditations. You could dedicate this room to the divine spirit, to a god or goddess or you impregnate it with useful ideas, for example that this room is protected against all negative influences, that it is easy for you to enter a meditative state, that spiritual beings are attracted for blessings, inspiration, etc. Something similar you can do with other rooms as well. Your bed room could support you in deep, peaceful sleeping, so that you recover perfectly at night. Your living room could be a mental space of good conversations, of feeling cosy, of entertainment, etc. But you can also create spaces with specific energies, specific qualities and powers which you can easily enter just by intention and where you can do your specific work.

Time and space do not really play a role on the higher planes, so you can connect easily to a specific situation. You can receive information with all your senses. You can travel through time and space.

But besides this you can create consciously specific atmospheres for example for the meeting with friends, clients or whomever, so that you meeting will have a positive frame.

And have in mind that life and its situations are comparable with a chess board. A situation is like a field. Either the field is empty or taken by a positive, conscious energy (chess piece) or by a negative force. When a field is empty then it makes sense to occupy it in a positive way so that no dark force can take it or that fate can play with it. When a field is occupied by fate or a dark force then it is up to you to change this for your benefit. In conclusion in best case you make your conscious chess move before anyone does it in an useless, negative way.

Become a conscious, positive and responsible creator on the mental plane!