God´s Will

Religious leaders enjoy to say “This is God´s Will! And you have to obey!” This sounds really impressive. The religious leader seems to know the Will of God. Thank God, the follower does not ask the religious leader how he got to know the Will of God. Otherwise he would cause problems (punishment for himself for questioning the leader and problems of finding useful reasons).
Let´s imagine you are so bold to ask a religious leader how he got to know the Will of God. Then the answers are:

  1. It is written in our holy book.
  2. I know because God talks to me.
  3. I know because I am your religious leader.
  4. And certainly, because God has the same opinion like I.

To make it short – what the religious leaders thinks and wants must be the Will of God.

Normal religious followers certainly do not care about such things as they are not allowed to think on their own and for questioning their religious leaders they directly go to hell.

Thank God, we are not limited religious followers and we do not have to obey but we have to question everything to find the hidden truth.

So what could be the Will of God?

First of all it would make sense to ask “Who or what is God?” When you understand the nature of God then you are able to understand the Will of God.

If God had a human character, then it you could easily derive that God must have human desires.

But again, thank God, God has a higher nature than profane human thinking and trivial human desires.

I don´t want to go into depth here. Let´s say that God is the impersonal Great Spirit who has created from his own primordial being the whole creation on all planes including all creatures. So what can be his will? Derived from his nature, his will must be impersonal and superhuman, also reflecting the great diversity of creation and creatures. His will must be holistic.

And when we think about how he has “made” creation, then we see the aspect of laws, the laws of creation.

The Divine Will has unfolded itself in the laws of creation which realized everything and every being.

And when we think about the nature of energy, of matter, then we can ask ourselves what power maintains the structure, the qualities, etc. of energy and matter? If God withdraw his will from creation, creation would directly disappear. So creation has unfolded and is maintained by the Will of God.

Then we have the idea “to follow the Will of God” or “to give in into the Will of God”. Besides the religious misuse of this idea, this originally means that we follow the principle of wisdom. And wisdom means to know the laws of creation. And this all means that we do not longer go against our nature, against the laws. Indeed we go back into the natural-divine order, following the laws of creation and live a life of harmony with ourselves, our fellow men, God and creation. Then we follow the Will of God.

But nevertheless, God has given the free will to all his creatures and so we can also decide to go against the laws of creation, making negative experiences and so being able to appreciate “lawful behavior”.

In conclusion, be careful if someone talks about the Will of God as quite often he means his own will to which you should obey.

It is quite useful to distinguish “religion” from “spirituality”. A true spiritual attitude does not asks you to obey while religion is more human than divine.