The destructive principle

Today we have two main tendencies in secret societies and the esoteric market. One is the dark ideal to pretend to be good and to cause suffering for the benefit of a small elite. The other one is the typical attitude of a drug intoxication where “everything is beautiful” and reality is perceived through rose-pink glasses. “Everything is love, everything is unity, everything is good!” But this is nonsense and illusion. You can ignore the evil and the darkness but ignoring doesn´t mean that both dissolve into nothingness or that they turn into love and light.

So in conclusion in main we have the dark ones with their pretty ideas to cause problems, fights and suffering wherever they can for their benefits and on the other hand we have the rose-pink love and peace preachers which lack completely of contact with reality.

These are certainly wonderful conditions to keep the chaos growing and to neglect any movements to find solutions for necessary changes.

Indeed something is missing. Wisdom is missing. Power is missing. Justice is missing. And yes, real love is also missing.

Clint Eastwood put the situation into clear words: “We have a generation of pussies!” And I would say that it is a generation of poisoned, brainwashed zombie-pussies.

Where are the men and women today who can distinguish right from wrong, who are vital, powerful and who follow higher ideals and fight for them?

A few have survived all the evil of the dark side in the last decades but we need more to cause changes.

Back now to the destructive principle. The whole creation is not only based on the one polarity of fire and water or yin and yang but in fact it is based on a double polarity as fire and water appear in a creative and destructive polarity. Fire as well as water can be nourishing, constructive or destructive, devastating. These principles are natural and logical. If you can create something, then you can also destroy something. The principles of creation and destruction cause the dynamic changes in our world. It is the cycle of life.

Now it is the case that the destructive principle has a “bad image”. We humans prefer the “everything is nice” attitude. But this attitude does not support reality and so problems grow easily and cause massive suffering. It is the infantile strategy to ignore problems or to color them, so that they look cute and harmless, and all this with the hope that they will vanish automatically without any need to take action. But this cannot work.

Imagine that you are the father or mother of a young child and your child makes a lot of nonsense while walking along the street. With your rose-pink glasses, you put everywhere pillows on the sidewalk, so that if your child falls, it won´t get hurt. But in this way, you prevent that your child makes important experiences. It cannot learn its lesson. In a realistic situation if your child makes trouble and falls on the sidewalk, it gets hurt and understands how important it is to behave well and to watch where it goes. This case of experiencing pain can be addressed to the destructive principle.

Or imagine that there is a criminal and society just says “Oh, you are a criminal, you do bad things, but it is okay, you will change someday, somehow.” without applying any punishment respectively measures of justice. In consequence, the criminal will go on, causing even more crime and suffering. He cannot learn his lesson.

Or imagine a bully at school who beats other children. “Nice” adults will say “Oh, he has so many talents. And he is a good boy. He just needs more love and more understanding. He is such a sensitive soul and suffers so much. We cannot understand why the other children hate him.” Today society has the tendency to turn aggressors into victims while the victims are those who are made responsible for the evil what has happened. But certainly this cannot be a realistic solution for a bully. How should he ever learn to show respect to other children without any consequences, without punishment?

What I want to point at is that we really need to make a stand for justice, for truth and this is a matter of power and a mind which can distinguish right from wrong and good from bad. Today most things in life are not nice, not cute, not good at all, not right and we have to say it, we have to point at the real problems and then we can apply justice, then we can find solutions and only then we can stop suffering and cause positive, beneficial changes.

We have to become again real men and women.

We have to get back into our natural power and vitality.

And we have to take a stand for what is right and good.

In this regard it is a quite useful exercise to think about all the situations where you ignore bad things or even evil things. Ask yourself why you ignore it. Think about all the suffering which this behavior has already caused for you and for others. Think about the blockades which don´t let you talk about the truth respectively to intervene. Many of these blockades have no real meaning and just appear as a matter of conditioned social behavior. Also ask yourself what might happen when you intervene. The positive effects will last longer then eventual short negative effects.

In general, you can talk about such negative things in a respectful and objective way “I perceive this or that as a problem or negative thing which has these negative effects and it would be better to do it like this to receive these positive benefits.” or “I must protest against this behavior as it causes these problems…” or “We have to apply law and order…” or “This is not fair…” and so on.

Being respectful, objective and determined with offering explanations of cause and effects and speaking from your personal point of view, you can manage a lot of problematic situations. Power and justice are not a matter of showing misbehavior or being rude.

The sword is a wonderful symbol for power and justice.

It is time to restore the natural-divine order with power, love and wisdom.

And at last, understand that the destructive principle has its value and must be respected when it follows a reasonable sense. Everything must follow a lawful sense otherwise chaos is the result.

If we cannot make negative experiences, we cannot learn to distinguish right from wrong.