The Comeback of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar always have had a great aura of fascination and mysteries. It seems that they were the keepers of great secrets, holy artifacts and special knowledge. And also their doom was “sensational”. So it is no wonder that their story is the basis for movies and bestsellers. And certainly still a lot of people are interested and do pretty much research, trying to unveil their secrets and to find their treasures. Also a lot of rumors are spread.

Today we experience the phenomenon that countless new Knights Templar organizations appear and rapidly grow. This is no real wonder as the human society in the Western World is close to the edge of the abyss. All the “good” inventions of the last hundred years and especially the “good” changes of the last decades have caused a massive self-destruction in all aspects of the human society. People behave already like zombies without understanding that their minds and souls are dead. The vital spirit has gone. This unhealthy movement has caused a counter-reaction of the last ones who do not enjoy the state of the living dead. The light appears always in the darkest night.

So one of these counter movements are the new Knights Templar organizations which want to bring back a positive order to the world of chaos. Going back to Christian roots, they try to reestablish positive values and to defend people from negative influences and aggressors.

This is all good and comprehensible and natural. But this does not necessarily have to be connected to the old Knights Templar of history. In main it is more a matter of identifying a new group of likeminded people with an old order and old values. An old and good structure is used again by new people.

In contrary to all these new organizations and new “Knights Templar”, we also have the phenomenon that real and old Knights Templar reincarnate in this time to work on restoring the light, to give initiation, healing and to follow higher missions. This is all on a spiritual level and it happens in the old, original spirit. This is different to the modern groups who focus in main on outer aspects.

The authentic, old and reincarnated Templars do not necessarily wear any nice Knights cloths or symbols. They focus in main on the spirit and the inner teachings. The real Templars always have been servants of the Light, followers of Chrestos and the holy Maria. They were initiates of the inner teachings of Christianity which are based on the principle of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power and with this on the teachings of Hermetic and Kabbalah, indeed of all esoteric teachings. They were far ahead of the curve. And their main secret was, that they were real initiates of the Divine Spirit. Only the Divine Spirit working in and through them, was able to unfold such a superior power in society.

As I have said already, the true, old and reincarnated Templars are gathering again to follow higher missions in this time of chaos and darkness to restore the real values of light, love and wisdom.

The Divine Spirit will guide all to meet again and to fulfill the will of the Father. Those who are meant will hear the call and they will know where to go.

I write about the Knights Templar as I think that it is really a fascinating phenomenon today. And I think that such a counter movement is useful to cope with the chaos today and the zombie state of the people.

At last, we all have to follow our individual sense in life, our personal mission, independent who we are, who we were and to which tradition or religion we belong.