God´s Will II

In the first part of this topic I have talked about general aspects. Now I want to spread some light on higher or inner aspects.

When we examine plants, animals and also human beings, we can sense a kind of inner “life plan”. It is the inner and higher sense of the being. So when you look at a small seed then it does not look like the mighty tree it is foreseen to become. Nevertheless the see will follow its inner life plan and will grow to a big tree. We can understand this inner life plan as the Will of God. It is the natural cycle of life which is valid for all living creatures. And similar cycles we know on a bigger scale in form of periods in nature like day and night, like the seasons but also like the cycles of the planets.

Besides these cycles, we humans have also a “spiritual cycle” or “spiritual evolution” where we undergo the experience of all ideas of God which means that we experience all aspects of being human growing to become gods, respectively we revitalize our higher and original nature.

All these things are simply given and they make sense as they represent our nature. And at last we cannot escape these higher planes, this inner sense which is guiding us, which is determining us. It is God´s Will to follow our inner plans of growing and unfolding.

In nature it is fascinating to observe when such impulses come to follow specific points of the inner plan. When spring season is coming all flowers know that it is time to grow and to unfold. In summer all flowers know that it is time to flourish and to reproduce. Animals know instinctively the right time to start the courtship behavior. All is simply set. And we simply have to follow these inner impulses to fulfill God´s Will, to follow our inner nature, to live in a lawful and right way. In fact this is all a matter of what we call instinct and intuition. When we are in tune with nature, our nature, then we know what is right and good. Then we are integrated in the natural-divine order. But unfortunately, mankind has fallen out of this order and with this, mankind has to deal with countless problems.

Now let´s examine the highest aspect of God´s Will. Let´s imagine that you are an initiate who has managed many years of practical training to take part in the divine nature, in the cosmic consciousness. In this rare case, you are able to understand what is going on in certain situations and you also can receive impressions about the future. These information can be used to take specific action in resonance to the laws of creation and certainly according to the present cycle of development (of mankind, etc.). From this comprehensive understanding, divine missions can be derived to serve the divine plans of progress.

So for example, we experience at the moment a special time which can be called “the sunrise of a new spiritual age”. So the darkness of the night is still there but it loses power and the first rays of the light are coming already. This means that mankind is now in a period of awakening which makes it necessary to provide teachers and support. And so great souls like Franz Bardon incarnated and wrote big books about the path. Also all spiritual traditions come now into public to serve and to teach. This can be seen as God´s Will.

We serve the Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, the Eternal Light, the Evolution of Mankind and this with Divine Power and Support.

And then – have you ever thought about the term “Divine Providence”?

It is the cosmic spirit, the cosmic consciousness which knows the future, which is all-knowing and with this guiding those who are connected to it, the high initiates. The Divine Providence has the plans for all and everything and offers the impulses to take the right action to realize the plans.

As a last point, we have this idea to give in into the Will of God respectively to say “Thy will be done!”. When we think about what I have explained above, we can see that it means to stop going against your own and inner nature and to follow again your inner and higher sense in life. We human beings are really limited in everything, especially in understanding why something is happening in our lives. Contrary to this, God knows everything and can guide us the right path. So when we give into the Will of God, then this has also a liberating effect as we release a lot of stress and pressure. But this means not to simply let things happen in life but to ask consciously for divine guidance, power and understanding to be able to do the right things for good progress.

When we experience unity with the Divine, then we can receive direct inspiration for life. Then we take part in the unlimited nature of our original being. Then we are parts of the divine-natural order of creation. Then we have solved the old problem, the fall into matter. Then we have healed the separation.

“The Father and I are one!” like Jesus put it.