Inspired by Akasha

There are obviously differences between normal human beings and those who are enlightened, who are taking part in the Divine Unity. I want to talk a little bit about one fascinating aspect.

A normal human being is somehow separated, disconnected, isolated as it has fallen out of the state of unity into the world of matter. In this state, the individual relies on itself and perceives itself as separated from the rest of the world. When you have to rely on yourself, then you are very limited, in fact limited to your intellect and your subconsciousness with its patterns of behavior and experiences of the past.

In contrast to the normal human state of separation, the initiate has reconnected himself to the source of everything, to Akasha, the Divine Spirit, the cosmic consciousness. Akasha has this special quality that it is omnipresent and beyond time and space. So indeed in some way the initiate is directly connected to Akasha and with this connected to the whole creation.

Now the point is that the initiate is no longer limited to his intellect or to his experiences of the past or patterns of behavior but thanks to his direct connection to Akasha, he is able to receive also direct inspiration, direct understanding, direct insights about a problem or situation. The initiate is directly inspired by God. Ideas, insights, etc. all can come easily directly from Akasha, the mind of God. So in fact the initiate has become a source of knowledge by himself. This is a very fascinating phenomenon. And this is true not only for the real spiritual initiate but for all kinds of masters, masters of martial arts, masters of any kinds of arts. They directly know the answer. Direct inspiration from Akasha is a sign of mastery, having mastered the four elements in a specific way. Akasha, the fifth element offers perfection. And the master expresses this perfection by what he says and does. And so the master inspires others.

Maybe the main point here is that when we have accomplished this higher state of balance of all four elements, we realize Akasha and then we can enjoy all the wonderful effects of it. When you directly and easily understand problems then it is completely different to working hard on your human challenges with all the imbalances and deficiencies.

So blessed is the one who has realized Akasha, the fifth element as he enjoys total balance and more. All is given by Akasha. All is given by God. Life becomes easier and more wonderful.

The Unity with God brings you back into the natural-divine order and is offering all you have longed for. It is real inner peace, real harmony, the feeling of being centered, the saturation of all four elements, etc.

Spiritual training is the true key to happiness.