About the nature of Adepts

For Circes. Imagine that you stand in front of ten people and one of them is a true adept. For a normal person it is probably hard to notice who is the adept and who not. For an advanced student on the holy path it will be easier. For another adept it will be clear. The outer, physical appearance of a human being does normally not say much about the inner or higher aspects of the person, about the soul and spirit, and the level of maturity. The physical appearance can only mirror these inner qualities by facial expression, gestures, behavior, speech and maybe the choice of outfit and style. But the façade can also be quite misleading as there are more “enlightened gurus” who only fit our expectations of a guru in dressing and behavior but who are not real ones. A real adept is independent in his dressing and often prefers to appear as a normal person. For an adept there is no real value in being worshipped or regarded as an authority.

Indeed, an adept unveils himself in a very subtle way by his charisma, his energetic radiation which is simply much more powerful, refined and beautiful-divine than the radiation of a normal person. This charisma can be perceived by many people but only on a subconscious level which let them perceive the adept as a sympathetic, positive person where trust can be easily established and where you feel very well and understood, also inspired in his direct proximity. Even healing can take place easily as the person absorbs the energy of the adept, vitalizes and recovers. So, in fact, meeting an adept is a very positive experience.

When we think now about a student who undergoes spiritual training then he can easier discover the adept because he got already in touch with higher energies, higher teachings and higher states of mind and soul. A student has more resonance with an adept than a normal person. And another adept has a perfect resonance and directly feels the same or similar energy vibrations of the other one. Adepts feel like brothers and sisters even if they come from different cultures and spiritual traditions. It is the divine nature which makes them resonate and recognize each other.

In conclusion, an adept does not unveil himself by his physical appearance but by his subtle radiation, his charisma and if it is his will, he shows the corresponding spiritual attitude and behavior. Otherwise he prefers to stay “undercover”. Silence is a law which is highly appreciated among adepts.

As we have seen already, an obvious difference between normal persons and adepts is the quality and quantity of energy. Now let us dive deeper in this fascinating field. In a first approach we can say that the energy of spirit and soul of an adept is several times more powerful than the energy of a normal person. Further on the quality is completely different. The adept radiates a highly refined energy and this in a harmonious, wonderful way. These differences in the energy of the adept is a result from long term spiritual training, from awakening, alchemistic transformation processes, initiations and enlightenment.

When we take a look at the energy body (spirit & soul) of a normal person then we can see that in the normal case we can find a diversity of energies, in main energies of lower vibration, also wasted energies, ill energies, etc. The whole energy system is operating on a normal low level. The energies of the different aspects of the human nature are in a normal disharmony due to the normal human state of imperfection with deficiencies in some aspects, normal degrees and certainly also excesses and dominant parts. This energetic state is simply a matter of the personality, the character, of character flaws as well as positive characteristics, of experiences in life, of traumas, wounds of the soul, all kinds of emotions and thoughts, etc. The human being is quite complex in its nature. From the spiritual point of view, the human being is unrefined, undeveloped and just reflecting the sum of all experiences it went through in this life and former incarnations. The human being can be compared with a house where people lived in over decades but neither have cleaned it up consciously nor made it beautiful. They only used it. And the house looks like this. It is the same with the human microcosm, no one ever cleaned it or improved it or decorated it consciously. Things happened only by “coincidence”.

When we think now about the adept and his house, his energy body, spirit and soul, then we have a totally different situation. The adept has consciously worked on his house. First of all, he became completely aware about the state of his house. What is good? What needs to be repaired and improved? How can it be made beautiful? What does it need for being a vital, harmonious place to enjoy life? We call this introspection, to know yourself. In a second step, the adept has worked on cleaning his house of all the rubbish which has gathered over time. Then he has worked on repairing and improving everything in his house. And in a last step he worked diligently on making his house a beautiful, harmonious and vital place to live.

The call “Know yourself!” and these three main steps of development have been always the core of every true spiritual tradition. The old mystics had the wonderful slogan “Clean yourself, heal yourself and spiritualize (refine) yourself!” which indeed says it all.

On the level of the energy body, the adept has undergone a comprehensive training of awakening his energy system, cleaning and healing it and then putting a great focus on balancing, vitalizing, strengthening and refining it. After such a training, the energy body, respectively the house of the adept can be compared with a brilliant, a purified, polished, perfect diamond, sparkling in all colors in highest quality.

When we compare a normal person with an adept on the level of the chakra system, the energy center of spirit, soul and body, then we can see also very interesting differences.

A normal person shows a great activity of the lower chakras corresponding to an emphasize on ego, on needs, on desires, on emotions and today maybe also on the intellect. The higher centers of crown, third eye, will power and heart are sleeping or only active to some degrees. Here we can compare the situation in a good way with a flower which is in a state of growing but which takes still much time to unfold completely, flourishing in all aspects.

The adept in contrary has developed and refined all his psychic centers, especially the crown and heart chakra. He is flourishing in perfection. He is full-grown. The unfolding of the crown chakra lets him take part in the cosmic, divine consciousness, the impersonal divine mind, beyond time and space. He is anchored in eternity while he experiences at the same time his human life on earth in a body. Indeed, he is now a conscious spirit in a body, living in this world but not being from this world like Jesus put it. Besides the impersonal divine consciousness which is now a part of his nature, he experiences the all-embracing, uniting, divine love with his unfolded heart chakra. He feels the unity beyond the diversity of beings in creation. And with this divine love a deep understanding of everything together with real wisdom shows up.

Due to the transformation processes and his training, the adept has unfolded naturally all kinds of siddhis, special abilities and powers which seem to be supernatural for the uninitiated but quite logical and natural for those who understand the higher laws of creation.

An interesting question is now in how far the adept´s behavior is different from the behavior of a normal person. A normal person is in main driven by subconscious impulses, patterns of behavior, emotional reactions and all kinds of needs while it perceives the world through psychological filters constructed by beliefs, culture, society, likes and dislikes, etc. In contrast, the adept is in a state of harmony and clarity of mind, perceiving and understanding everything and everyone in a most objective way. The adept can see through the façade, the outer appearance, the masquerade. He is able to see all layers of the true nature of a person or situation. So he knows the truth. And as he is anchored in the divine, cosmic consciousness and the all-embracing, divine love, he thinks, feels and behaves in this way. He follows the higher sense, asking for the right thing to do and then takes action in harmony with the laws of creation. The adept is a true god-human, a perfect temple of the divine spirit, a light in the darkness of the world, a teacher, leader and inspirer, an adult in a kindergarten of young souls. A true adept has accomplished the great work. He has balanced the microcosm with the macrocosm. He is a perfect mirror of the macrocosm. A real adept is only responsible towards the Highest which reflects in his conscience. He is an embodiment and expression of all laws. He is the righteous one.

For all human beings it is the divine-natural plan to become a real adept and initiate. It is just a matter of time and as we all are eternal beings, time is quite relative. Life wants to be experienced and celebrated. And everything has its time and place.