The fountain of youth

Probably everyone has heard the story about the fountain of youth where you jump in and get out totally rejuvenated, healed and vitalized. You can see also paintings where the artists show in main naked virgins who enjoy taking a bath in this fountain of youth. Here the fountain looks more like a swimming pool. The virgins certainly have some symbolic character, representing purity.

Now when you make research you can discover the truth behind this idea. On the higher planes there actually exist places which offer the quality and power of life itself based on the water element. So if you stay there and take a bath in this energy then it unfolds healing, vitalizing and rejuvenating effects on you. If you visit such places regularly and maybe do pore-breathing, accumulating exercises then you enjoy powerful positive effects on your vitality and health and with this on your youthful appearance.

Besides such wonderful and mysterious places and further special techniques, we all carry the mystery of health, vitality and youth in us.

I don´t want to describe these things in a super scientific way with all aspects as you can read this yourself in books or in the internet. I want to keep it simple and show it from the spiritual point of view.

As we all know, the pineal gland has a very important function in the human microcosm. The pineal gland is also known as the third eye, the location of the self, the blue pearl, etc. The pineal gland produces inter alia serotonin and melatonin. Both are connected. We can say that serotonin is the pole of light and melatonin is the pole of darkness (in the positive meaning). Serotonin is the happy maker like the light makes us happy. And melatonin lets us sleep at night, – the night is like the mother which keeps us protected so that we can relax.

So we need light to feel vital and happy. And we need the night to recover, regenerate, heal and vitalize. When we have a good amount of light and darkness, serotonin and melatonin then we are in good health, feeling fine and powerful.

But if we lack of light we become depressive and when we lack of the night for recovery, we lack of vitality.

So we need both poles to feel good. This is natural and lawful.

Today we have the problem that we easily lack of both due to too much work, stress and bad life conditions.

We can easily balance such a disharmony with St. John´s wort to restore the light and melatonin for the night. Both are free of bad side effects and easily to get in normal drugstores.

Now the wonderful point is that they unfold great healing effects for mind and soul and also for the physical body.

Melatonin is here comparable with the fountain of youth as it belongs to the water element pole with corresponding positive qualities for recovery, vitalizing, healing and rejuvenation. (Please inform yourself about details.)

Melatonin is offered in form of sleeping pills. But sleeping is here not the main aim. Instead it is the chance to undergo deep healing and vitalizing processes at night.

So in conclusion both poles are highly recommendable to balance yourself if you suffer from depression, fears, problems, from diseases, inflammations, exhaustion, etc.

In fact, you can crack up super old blockades, disease energies which have been resisting so far, so that deep healing can happen. This is truly amazing. It is wonderful. And it is natural.

Now when you know that St. John´s wort respectively Melatonin can break oldest blockades and restore your health then the next question is how to maximize the effects in a positive way.

In the case of actual need I suggest to make a course of treatment over a few days, maybe 1-2 weeks, depending on your present situation.

In general I suggest to use them maybe 2-3 times per week to maintain your wellbeing and health, especially when you get older. The older people get the less melatonin is created and the more health problems come up.

Certainly you have to check in how far you need these things for your individual situation. If you suffer a lot then you need more treatment. If you are fine you do not need anything.

The maximum results are achieved when you combine these things with a healthy nourishment, especially with using so-called superfoods which contain lots of high effective vital substances.

Especially a high supply of vital substances over the day and melatonin for sleeping causes great healing and vitalizing effects.

So enjoy your personal fountain of youth!