How to build a house

Stone by stone. This is the simple formula. Now when we think about spiritual training but also about reaching aims in life in general – it is the same answer.

When you have a big aim then you achieve this aim by adding energy and effort to its realization. Stone by stone. Step by step. Energy by energy. And one day you have accomplished 100%. So you just need enough endurance and you need to feed your wish daily with a useful amount of energy or effort. Then you unavoidably must accomplish your aim.

Let´s imagine that you have a wish, maybe you want something to realize in your life or you want to accomplish a new spiritual ability. Then in main you simply need to feed this wish, this thought form. The more energy you supply the more your wish wants to realize. This is a natural process. You start on the mental plane with the idea, you give positive feelings to it on the astral plane and on the physical plane corresponding situations will happen to make your wish realize. That´s it. And it is as simple as I say. The only problem is that you need to understand this simplicity and to make it work for your wishes.

One aspect you should know about is that the higher your maturity, your level of personal power and spiritual authority is, the easier and faster this wish realization will happen. So a beginner might need more time and effort but this does not matter at all. Just do it. You are the creator of your life. Who else should create it for you?

Advanced students can directly create such a growing energy battery for wish realization on the Akasha plane. And those who are initiated by me can use the supply of energy which we normally use for healing.

At last – “magic” is all about simplicity. It is the biggest challenge for the student to learn to think in patterns of simplicity by applying the laws of creation.

And really at last – how do you get 100 Dollars? Pay everyday 1 Dollar and after hundred days you have accomplished your aim, – you have 100 Dollars. Do you understand? More or less big aims can be reached by nearly everyone without pain. All it takes is some effort, endurance and then you can make it.

Your aim determines the necessary effort, time and tools. So set yourself aims and then conclude what you need to realize them. The more energy you supply to your aim thought form, the more you are guided for realization.

Become a conscious master creator of your life!