Special technique for energetic protection

Take two bracelets made of black tourmaline beads. Clean them under running cool water. And then you can wear them on your ankles for energetic strengthening and protection. If you like you can additionally program them to strengthen your energetic radiation and defense against all negative influences and beings. Further on the stones can dissolve all negative influences.

The point here is that crystals belong to the earth element and with this to the earth element region of the body. They have a lower vibration and so they influence in main the lower chakras, the root chakra and the corresponding feet chakras. So indeed when you wear the crystals at your feet, you will empower your earth region, your earth chakras. The additional energy will then be transformed upwards the spine for the higher chakras.

Another point is that a great amount of lower beings are active on the ground level and start their attacks by crawling upwards your feet to occupy your body. So when you directly set tourmaline stones at this entry point, you can block them very well.

Black tourmaline crystals have Akasha effects and are nice batteries for vital energy. So they are very useful for cleaning and protection purposes.

In general, if you are facing situations where you need extra energy to keep negative influences on distance or where you need simply more energy to manage a challenge or where you have to deal with negative beings then it makes sense to wear these two bracelets on your ankles. It is a temporary good solution. But it is not recommendable to wear them over many hours or days.

So give it a try to check the benefits.