About the standards of reality

Besides the individual and relative perception of reality we have an absolute reality, – the real “construction” of the “world”. For the perception of this absolute reality we have a “universal” standard which depends on the time and the culture you live in. These are important details which need to be understood.

Today we have the following standard perception of reality:

There is no God. There are no higher planes of existence. Consciousness and life have evolved from matter. There is only the material world with material beings. All is explainable by science. Science is absolute. So everyone has to believe in science. People who believe in God or who follow any kind of religion are ignorant. Money is the determining factor in all fields of life. Life has no higher meaning as you have only this life and you can do what you want respectively you have good or bad conditions. Only a few are lucky, the rest suffer by coincidence from misfortune. In general everything is caused by coincidence. The material world came into existence by coincidence. Life is coincidence. The diversity of beings is a coincidence. Consciousness is a matter of coincidence.  Everything is simply coincidence.

This standard is a matter of maybe the last hundred years if at all.

Former standard perception of reality over thousands of years worldwide:

We live in a multidimensional universe with three main planes of existence: Spirit = mental plane; Soul = astral plane and physical body = material world. All three planes are only different in the degree of vibration. Highest vibration = spirit, lowest vibration = material world. Due to the difference in vibration also different laws of nature rule on the three planes of existence. All planes of existence emanate and are maintained from the uncreated, primordial state of energy called Akasha. Akasha is a static state of energy while creation is a dynamic state of energy caused by the play of polarity. Also all creatures originate from Akasha. Life takes place on all three planes of existence. There is a highest being which expressed itself in individual parts of itself. The highest being is called God and its individual expressions are called deities, gods, goddesses and today angels. God and the deities work like an administration for creation or like a director and his team to make the stage play possible. So spirit is the first cause, consciousness and life unfolds from the highest plane down to the lowest plane. Life follows principles of nature and everything has a higher meaning. Human beings incarnate from the higher worlds in the material world to make experiences which cause a maturing process. Life is meant to be celebrated in general. Life is everywhere in creation. It is normal to meet/perceive deities and all kinds of beings on the different planes of existence like spirits of nature. It is also normal to know that trees, plants, animals, landscapes, etc. have their own living spirits as everything is alive. It is also absolutely logical to follow the laws of nature for the benefit of human beings, society, life itself, future incarnations, etc. Life is magic. Life is a wonderful adventure. Life is driven by karma and fate. Challenges let you grow. Materialism and atheism are the worst thing you can follow. It is a sign of ignorance, bad character and most unholy. Atheistic materialism means the doom of mankind.

Now when we compare these “standard perceptions” of reality then we see big differences. Today we live in a dead world where even we human beings have no spirit and no soul and life has no sense, no meaning, no value as it is all just a super big coincidence. Over thousands of years this attitude and standard was the worst idea a human could follow. Here the normal standard was a fascinating world full of life in diversity, a magical world with adventures, wonders, sense, order and beauty.

One question is, what would you prefer? To live in a dead world without meaning? Or to live in a magic world where everything is alive and has a meaning?

Probably more than 99% would prefer the magical world. (Think of a world much better than the one of “Lord of the Rings”) When you think how dull and superficial our world is today, that we are only busy with our jobs, with making money, with stupid stuff on TV, with messaging on our smartphones and with Facebook. What kind of lasting quality does these things offer? Where is the quality of life? Where is the sense of it? It is no wonder that so many people are on the search for real sense in life respectively that so many people suffer from depressions. It is also no wonder at all that we have to face endless problems today and that society and the family as its basis is in such a bad condition.

The biggest problem today is that most people are not able to perceive higher worlds, higher beings, also not the spirits of nature and so they see only the material world. Additionally people are conditioned by school and science to ignore everything which cannot be directly perceived with the material senses. This was different in former times as the connection between the different planes was better and people were able to see and to communicate with higher beings. When you can see a deity or a spirit of nature then it is logical and normal to “believe” in higher worlds and God, etc.

But today it is different and those who are in power do their best to keep people in the atheistic-materialistic perception of the world. You can ask why? But the answer is simple. If life has no meaning than working, consumption and superficial entertainment then you can easily control the masses and make them work for you. The funny point is that the elite knows about the higher truths.

Now let´s come to the holy, untouchable and absolute state of science today. This state is only a delusive belief. In fact science is based on the belief in the atheistic-materialistic worldview. Science is not free and independent. Science is not orientated on finding the highest truth. Quite the contrary science is driven by money, by the interests of the elite and by the ego of the scientists. And scientists are only human beings with their individual beliefs, desires and filters of perception. And at last, science is not made by facts but by countless assumptions, opinions and hypotheses. So facts can be found in physics, mathematics and chemistry but all other fields of research are quite human, relative and made of opinions, hopes and beliefs. And when you calculate now additionally in that there are consciously spread disinformation, lies for political reasons, for the interests of the elite, for religious reasons, for the ego of certain scientists, then you get the real picture of science and its quality, its reliability. So in fact what we call science is like religion maybe up to 80% pure belief.

In former times we had the high priests who were “absolute” in their position and teachings and now we have the scientists who are untouchable and perfect. In both cases we have noncritical followers, believers. In former times we had the deities which were celebrated and worshipped. Today we have the movie stars and the celebrities which are treated like gods.

Every standard of perception of the world has serious effects. The closer the standard is to reality, the better it is for the people. We suffer today from ignoring the hidden or whole reality.

Most comprehensive and complete is the ancient worldview of the Hindus. They even have integrated high technology. Our civilization will make this last step maybe in some decades, maybe in hundred years. We are short before this last step of evolution. Then spirituality, technology and the acknowledgement of creation will be united.

Then we are ready to enter the golden age.