Quabbalah, names and languages

When we talk about names of angels, higher spirits, deities of the spheres which are indeed originally quabbalistic formulas, then we must take great care with the pronunciation. A name is naturally spoken in different ways corresponding to the applied language. But  if you want to use it as a quabbalistic formula respectively if you want to examine the quabbalistic-divine nature of the name, you must go back to the original pronunciation otherwise you get completely different, false results.

Let´s take an example, the so-called archangel Michael.

Englisch version: Michael = MAIKEL

German version: Michael = MICHAEL

French version: Michel = MISCHEL

Italian version: Michele = MIKELE

Swedish version: Mikael = MIKAEL


Original version: Mikael = MIKA EL = MIKA


Quabbalistically seen only the form MIKA works out as it should.

M = original water element (water)

I = Divine Providence (earth)

K = almightiness (fire)

A = divine spirit, enlightened mind (air)


This is just a small hint for your personal research. Small differences in speaking but major differences in nature.