Brainless statements

There are phenomena in this world which are amazing in a negative sense. These are things where I do not really know if I am supposed to feel entertained, if I am supposed to laugh, if I should be sad or if I am supposed to take it serious. In main I simply see these phenomena as a typical quality of today, of the madness of today.

One famous running gag is when “enlightened experts”, members of secret societies or “celebrated authors” say that everything is the same, that there is no difference between good and evil, white and black, fire and water, in short – there is no difference between the two poles of one polarity and that people just might think that there is a difference.

Such a statement is most amazing and at least I can laugh a bit.

Saying that there is no difference between black and white, good and evil might appear to some “innocent” followers as a great expression of wisdom and higher initiation and especially the followers love to repeat every nonsense because their worshipped master said it.

The problem is that these “enlightened” ones are not enlightened and that they lack of a sharp intellect to express precisely what they actually mean.

The correct statement is that in most cases the two poles of one polarity have the same source and that they are simply two opposite expressions of this original source or state. For example when we examine the polarity of fire and water element then we can see that both poles are opposite states of one original energy. Physics. And further on that fire can be turned into water and water into fire and both can be turned back in their original state of energy which is Akasha.

Let´s take also a very trivial example: Good and bad. If I ask you how you would like to be treated, would you say “Oh, good and bad are equal, treat me as you like!” or would you prefer a good treatment like most people do?

Or how would you prefer to cook? With heat or with cold?

The point in general is that each pole of a polarity has a higher sense, specific qualities, powers and functions. In creation there is nothing without sense.

Another nice statement is that poles cannot exist without each other. When we think about the highest polarity of fire and water then this is true as both poles nourish each other. But there are also other cases where the one pole doesn´t care at all if the second pole is available or not. We simply have at least two different kinds of polarity which I call the vertical polarity where the poles are not dependent and the horizontal polarity where to poles need each other.

The varieties of interplay between poles is a matter of Mercury and its teachings of wisdom.

However, those people who think that they are on a spiritual path should learn to think clearly, especially before repeating “wise statements” from “enlightened masters”.

Become as smart as Mercury!

PS: The old Yogis already knew thousands of years ago that Viveka, the power to differentiate is a sign of enlightenment, of high maturity of the soul and basically important to develop on the spiritual path. And a guru is by definition someone who differentiates the light from the darkness. So if you are not able to see the differences between light and darkness you are a normal human being, sleeping, dreaming but far away from being awakened or enlightened.

I write these things to open the eyes, to wake people up. Indeed there is nothing funny in reading brainless statements. It is more painful but unfortunately a matter of our days.