The holy community of the Mystics

Being a member of a community of likeminded souls is always something special. A community has nourishing and empowering effects. It offers security and support. A community is like a family, like a home, a place which you enjoy, which you love, where it feels good to be and to return to.

The experiences which you make in a community belong to the greatest experiences which humans can make. Maybe you belong to an order of the same faith, maybe you are a part of a brotherhood or sisterhood, maybe you enjoy together the same interests or maybe you serve the same aims. It is amazing to be a part of something bigger, greater than a single person. Together we serve the community and the community serves each of us. It is the old principle which underlies creation, which you can find in all social groups. Probably you have seen a social group of meerkats or a group of elephants and how they care about each other.

The highest and most beautiful community experience is when you are a mystic among mystics, a true bearer of the Divine Light, a true expression of Divine Love. In such a community you meet light and love and understanding in every brother and sister, in everything you do together. The Divine Spirit is among all members. In such a community you see the Divine looking at you through the eyes of each member and you feel the love floating between all hearts. You experience the all-embracing Divine Unity in the group. God surrounds you, God is in you, there is nothing but God.

Let´s think now about an aspirant, a novice, young student who has not received the Light so far, who has no idea about all these wonderful, most precious things. For such a young student, the community will be like heaven. He will be nourished by the divine energies, he will be inspired by the Divine Spirit, he will feel the Divine Love, he will enjoy to be at home. And certainly, he will make better progress, will understand faster, will be guided in a safe way.

Such a community of Mystics is most precious for all real students of the holy sciences.

God´s Love for his children is always available like the sun is always shining. But the student must open his heart for the Love of God and for the Love of his brothers and sisters. He must become consciously a part of the holy community.

In our Sura Academy we have Light Bearers, true Mystics who are well connected to the Highest in Spirit and Love. So we can offer a lot but it is still up to the student if and how much he wants to receive.

Real Mystics are a direct expression of God. Real Mystics are the highest Initiates, the real Theurgists, those who work like God does, those who share the same nature.

You meet God half the way.