Ignorance and humbleness

Human beings are most fascinating in their nature. One of many fascinating characteristics is that they believe to have a high degree of knowledge and competence and further on the right to rule over others and over creation. Human beings do not have the impression to be ignorant. Human beings also do not show any humbleness. They even feel not the need to think before taking action. They only wonder why there is so much suffering and evil in the world. And if they wonder at all, they directly blame God or other humans or they simply avoid thinking about cause and effects and say “it is as it is”.

The funny point is that the human species is the only one in the whole creation which behaves in this way. Each and every animal, plant or microbe acts wiser than humans. Not a single chimp would have and follow the stupid, destructive and delusive ideas of humans.

So there is a good reason why it is being said that humans have fallen out of the natural order, out of paradise.

Humans behave like children in a kindergarten. This might be sometimes nice and cute but today it is destructive, deadly, causing immense suffering and so it is truly sad.

A special problem here is that ignorance is a central theme not only where you can expect it in society, where people simply lack of education but also in higher and highest positions of power everywhere.

So we can see ignorance in action when we observe politicians. We can see the ignorance spreading at universities, from people with a doctorate or professor degree. And so it is no wonder that when the leaders are ignorant, the followers must be ignorant too.

Unfortunately this principle is active also in secret societies and communities of initiated, enlightened, “superior” people. This is most painful.

Kindergarten is kindergarten. So we cannot expect to find many adults in a kindergarten but more than 98% children.

We cannot really change the kindergarten as it is made for children.

But we all, especially as spiritual seekers, must become aware about our own ignorance. When you understand how little you really know from real, own experiences then you become humble. And only when you are humble you can receive knowledge.

It is the old symbol of the cup which is already filled and not ready to receive. Most people only believe that they know something but this is delusive. It is better to ask for the real experience, for the real knowing beyond opinions, beyond wishful thinking.

Those who are humble will receive all treasures in the end.

Today we have a lot of experts who have opinions about things they have never personally experienced.

Personal experience is the best one and the first degree. If someone gathers the information of people who have made own experiences, then it is already far away from real knowledge. It is the second degree. If someone is an expert about the opinions of persons who gathered information from the original person who made own experiences, it is the third degree. Here you see already how much the quality of knowledge is reduced and how much scope is there for misunderstandings, for personal filters of perception, for own interpretations, for mistakes, lies, half-truths, etc.

Unfortunately most people do not see these super important differences in quality, instead they behave the same way and believe to be real experts about a topic when they work with it on the level of the third degree.

In fact ignorance is the greatest enemy which you should fear the most. Ignorant behavior and delusive beliefs come along with it.

Beware of ignorance! Be humble! Be wise! Be open! Learn to differentiate! Orientate on the best, the highest and with this on reality! Go beyond your limitations! Go beyond wishful thinking and questionable beliefs! Ask for truth!

In this way you will have a safe journey and you will get what you look for.

And don´t forget that also all those doctors, professors, leaders of society are just parts of the big kindergarten. Better look for the real adults which are old souls and wise, which are really able to offer guidance through the chaos.