Traveling like a god

Have you ever wondered about how a god is traveling? When you meet Egention you get to know how to travel in a divine way. Besides some amazing details about his personality which I don´t want to mention here, you can receive his blessings for safe and positive traveling. It is certainly the superior type of traveling comparable with the standard of presidents, VIPs and politicians.

Fortune is with you and also all kinds of information about your route, other people on the street, weather conditions, etc. are calculated and regarded in a mysteries way. “Things work out” for you, even in difficult or dangerous situations. You have your special “travel ticket” to pass quickly and reach your destination.

Most fascinating is that you travel like in a protection bubble. Certainly you are under divine protection but it also feels different to normal traveling. I can describe this only from my own perception. Although I am aware that I am driving my car on the highway I feel somehow disconnected from the stress which I normally connect to traveling due to bad weather, too much traffic, construction sites, etc. I am more connected to the music which I am listening and the positive feelings which come along. It is very strange and hard to describe but it is also absolutely amazing.

The main idea which Egention focusses on is to have a good time while traveling. “Enjoy your ride!” is his message. All conditions are arranged in a way that your travel is safe and relaxed and just a good time.

Gods travel without stress. They enjoy the ride. So should we do.