Mind transfer into animals

The training of mind transfer into objects and living beings is a step in Bardon´s training. We can differentiate here a few different levels of taking part in the nature of an object or living being.

So certainly you can focus on the mental plane, the thoughts and the perception. You can focus on the emotional level, the soul. You can focus on the sensation how the creature is behaving in certain situations, how it is taking action, walking, flying, running, etc. And there is a higher level which we can connect to the Akasha plane which has a symbolic, higher meaning or which points at the corresponding higher sphere. So in conclusion we can perceive all four planes when we transfer our mind into an object or being. And we take part in its nature more or less depending on our intentions. This means that we get in touch with the energies of the target object/ being. These can be normal energies, divine energies or bad energies.

But today I want to point at the higher level of perception which is very fascinating. It is the divine or symbolic level which unveils the higher nature and meaning of objects, animals, etc.

I recommend to go through the main animals in the training of mind transfer to become aware of their higher nature and meaning. You will make amazing discoveries and deepen your understanding of symbolism. For example you will understand that not all birds are simply connected to the air element but that there are real and most fascinating differences in the air element and in the meaning/nature of the birds. You will detect absolutely unexpected qualities while you will also receive confirmation for traditional symbolism of certain animals.

Certainly also check metals, crystals, etc. Check the trees and plants. Check flowers and insects. There is so much which you will learn.

At last I want to share a technique which you can use to address the single different planes of existence. The principle is “the bigger the seize of your object in comparison to you, the finer and higher is the plane which you are examining”. This means when you imagine the object in growing seize and yourself in the center, you will examine a higher level of nature of it.

Another technique is to simply address the desired plane of existence but I personally enjoy the first method.

Besides these aspects there is maybe a last one: You can examine something on a general basis or in a very individual way. For example you can ask about the general nature of horse and you can ask about the individual, specific nature of your horse “Black beauty”. These are certainly again differences.

It is a magical world which unfolds to you, full of amazement. You will learn a lot.

Practically you can use such techniques to examine spaces, beings and objects, to analyze problems, diseases, imbalances, to find ways of healing or balancing and to take part in the nature of gods and goddesses.