Greek Gods and Goddesses

The Greek Pantheon is quite comprehensive with main gods and a kind of family structure, sons and daughters and also demigods and special spirits, creatures and deities of nature like Pan, the nymphs, etc.

Most fascinating is the secret that you can discover truly divine virtues and powers of a quabbalistic level in these gods and goddesses. So this means that they are not simple inventions of human beings but at least in parts real divine spirits from the different spheres with a true divine nature.

In the practical approach this means that you can unite with these gods and goddesses to take part in their divine nature, in their virtues and powers. This is very interesting and amazing. Further on this can have wonderful empowering and enlightening effects.

For your safety and health I suggest at least a training level of the step 8, better 10 and much better the finished mystical training of the third book about Quabbalah. Divine powers can be very demanding for the human energy system and so it is healthier to be prepared with the elements, the fluids and in best case with the quabbalistic letters.

But certainly if you are a daredevil you can try and see how far things work out.

So far I have checked Athena, Zeus, Ares, Apollo and Helios. The experiences with them were wonderful and I have enjoyed their nature deeply. More gods and goddesses will follow when I have time. They all have their hermetic mysteries.

Certainly you can check also the deities of other cultures and religions. It is an interesting field of research, also as several of them have just different names and appearances depending on the culture but are indeed the same spirits.