The magical path is i. a. in main about becoming a conscious creator of reality. One simple and useful way to realize wishes is to use crystals as power supplier. This technique can be used already by beginners. It allows to make first good experiences with magical wish realization.

Basically, you need one simple rock crystal in the size/form of a pebble per wish. A clear rock crystal can fit all purposes. Specific colored crystals serve specific wishes in a more efficient or better way. So you can take a red crystal to activate and protect something, an orange crystal for transforming something or also for dissolving bad energies/blockades, a yellow crystal for sun analogies, positive mood, vitalizing, for the self, a green crystal for inner peace, harmony, but also for dissolving negative energies in a smooth way, also for fortune and abundance, a light blue crystal for air element analogies like communication, spirit, mind, thinking, etc. a blue/green-blue crystal for water element analogies, emotions, empathy, attracting things, etc. and brown crystals for earth element analogies. Black and violet crystals are connected to the Akasha element and are i. a. good for cleaning of blockades and healing. Rose-pink crystals to love. You will easily see the analogies and with this the right application of colored crystals.

Now make a list of your wishes and set priorities. “What are the most important wishes for my present situation?” Choose maybe up to 3-5 wishes and the corresponding crystals. Then think about a useful phrasing of your wishes. Originate from the aim idea/vision. And regard what Bardon says about programming of energies, elementals, talismans, etc. So, you can give a clear vision of your aim which you empower to realize regularly, or you give the energy a command to realize. “Dissolve my blockades in my heart chakra!” or “Activate, strengthen and refine my will power!” or “Dissolve all negative influences in my bed room!” Just check which phrasing fits the most.

Now write this short sentence on a small paper which you put under the crystal. The crystal should be cleaned under running, cool water or with alcohol and you should place the crystal with the paper into the sun light at a window if possible. If not put it somewhere else. And keep distance between your crystals, at least half a meter.

Now meditate that the crystal naturally charges your idea/wish which you have put under the crystal. Let´s imagine you want to increase your will power and so you have chosen a nice, red crystal corresponding to the fire element: “Crystal, feed my wish! Activate, strengthen and refine my will power!” You can add “During the day!” or “When I do my concentration exercises!” or “Until my will power is completely developed to master degrees!” You can make experiments as you like to find the fitting solution.

The crystal will now feed your wish. But additionally, you should work on it too on a regular basis by repeating your program, by putting your crystal into the sun light, by meditating about that it is working, by charging your crystal with vital energy, light or the element energy, etc. Maybe also from time to time your crystal needs to be cleaned.

In best case you have a group of crystals for the most important tasks like dissolving your mental-emotional-energetic blockades, dissolving bad influences in your room, for vitalizing you, for strengthening certain skills, qualities and powers, for attracting fortune, happiness and abundance, for a good mood, etc.

This is indeed a very simple technique which everyone can do experiments with. Use it for your benefits and for first real experiences with magic.

Certainly no one else should know about your work and no one should touch your crystals. You can dissolve a program at any time if needed as well as reprogramming a crystal.

Especially when you take the crystals (only one at a time) into your hand, you can feel/unfold their effects on you in a wonderful way. This is very useful for dissolving blockades/bad energies in your energy system/specific chakras, for vitalizing and healing.