Besides several other approaches for understanding human beings I want to present one important approach which has empowering effects.

We can understand human beings as mental-astral-physical structures which carry charges of mental, astral and physical energy. These charges have a quality dimension and a quantity dimension.

Let´s start with the physical body. Depending on your fitness you have a certain quality and a certain amount of physical power. As a top athlete your physical power is high in quality and in quantity. As a couch potato you power is maybe only sufficient to hold your beer while you keep your eyes on the TV screen.

This principle is similar for the higher planes of mind and soul, the mental and astral structure. On the mental plane we have a certain quality and quantity of thoughts, positive ones, or negative ones or maybe very specific thoughts, – mental energy, the mental charge. For example, you are in a mental state where you are charged with positive thoughts of freedom, happiness, a good life. Here we have the quality aspect and the quantity aspect says how powerful these thoughts are.

On the level of the soul we deal with emotions. For example, we can have again positive emotions connected to the positive content on the mental level, – emotions of happiness, enjoying life, etc. Again besides the quality it is the question how strong the emotions are (quantity).

Besides the content or charge on the different levels we can also see that the structure is adapting by time to the dominant contents/charges. Someone who cultivates positive, happy thoughts and feelings will have a different structure of mind and soul, also body than someone who is characterized by negative thought patterns and bad emotions.

The most important point in this approach is that you determine the quality and quantity of your mental-emotional charge and with this the character of your structure.

Imagine that you feel sad with sad thoughts. This is your present charge, your content. As long as you have this charge in mind and soul, you feel bad. As soon as you release this charge you feel directly better again. So in fact you could release the bad content consciously to free yourself and you could consciously replace the bad content by a positive one, – like inner peace and happiness.

This takes certainly a good amount of training and mastery over yourself.

It is the same thing with water. Water can be cold and it can be warm. It is up to you if you cool it down or if you heat it up. You simply change the quality and quantity of the charge of energy of the water.

In conclusion: If you are in a bad mood remember that this is your present mental-emotional charge which you can release and change consciously. No one forces you to be stuck in a mental-emotional state. A master can change his charge, his state by will and meditation. This is just a matter of knowledge and training.