Here on earth we human beings know different forms of political organizations. The present type is democracy but in former times monarchies were the standard. Then we know also oligarchies, dictatorships, communism, etc.

When we examine the natural organization on the higher levels of creation, the “management/administration structure” of the spiritual realms then we leave the limited human understanding of politics and society.

(The use of symbolism as a main language is an important aspect in the spiritual realms. This must be understood and kept in mind in general while talking about the administration structure.)

So what do we discover on the higher planes of existence? A hierarchy with kings, queens and all lower levels of monarchy as we know it from the human world. Or to put it into a better way – the idea of monarchies with kings, queens and the aristocrats is derived from the spiritual realms and mirrored here on earth.

Originally the human kings and queens were enlightened human souls with highest standard in initiation and development. They were the highest priests at the same time, – rulers in the material realms and authorities in the spiritual realms as well. Later this high standard got lost step by step.

The kings and queens of the spiritual realms have still the highest standard in divine character/nature, powers and skills together with their field of administration in creation. The hierarchy here is a matter of these aspects in degrees. The more divine and powerful in nature the higher is the position of a spirit or being.

And this is the opposite to the way of making human standards in society and politics. Humans don´t care at all about maturity and qualities. But creation does and not only on the higher planes but also in the animal kingdom. In fact we humans are the only ones who do not care about the original and lawful standards or principles. Due to this ignorance we are forced to suffer.

Now let´s have a look at how decisions are made or tasks fulfilled on the higher planes in these structures of hierarchy. As the hierarchy is a matter of maturity, wisdom, divine nature it is natural that those who are higher in the hierarchy than other beings certainly make wiser decisions, know better what to do, etc. and that at the same time the “lower” beings see the divine wisdom speaking through the commandments/wishes of the higher beings. So indeed it is all clear and it is all good. There is no stupidity, no ignorance but all beings are orientated on the highest light, highest wisdom, highest principles, on the real sense in everything. There is also no limited ego which has “special wishes”.

Unfortunately in comparison it seems that humanity is driven only by stupidity and selfish desires.

When we think about the original and absolutely positive organization of beings on the higher planes then we can easily understand why for example the oldest, most experienced and with this wisest elephant is leading his social group of elephants and not the elephant with the biggest ego or the one who was elected by the group. And we understand why in former times this was true also for human communities where the oldest and wisest person was leading the group.

This principle is also still most important for the spiritual field. Especially when it is all about spiritual development then it is absolutely necessary that the wisest, most mature, most initiated and enlightened soul is the leader which gives orientation. Divine love makes everyone in such a group to real brothers. The is the horizontal level. But the original spiritual hierarchy counts here as well and this is the vertical level where only maturity counts. And here the younger brothers and sisters must listen to those who are older and especially to the oldest, the leader. A spiritual community must be orientated and dedicated to the Highest light, love, wisdom and power. It simply cannot orientate on profane normal human stupidity and selfishness.

When you understand these lawful-natural principles of the order of creation then you cannot get entrapped by questionable secret societies and unhealthy ideas.

Quite the contrary, you are able to focus on what is really important and beneficial for you to reach your holy aims.