Problem or Challenge?

Have you noticed that people avoid the use of the term problem since several years already and prefer the term challenge?

Some years ago, a movement started on the level of business and also politics where negatively charged terms were replaced by positive terms. The idea here is to sell bad things while pretending that they are good in fact. This is psychology.

So for example if you are the boss of a company and you want to fire a person then this is normally bad and not a nice message. But today the boss sets you free – giving back your freedom. And this sounds much better.

The same is true for problems. In former times people had problems which is negative. Today we only have challenges which is positive as we can grow by managing them.

In fact, most of these ideas are simply delusion or self-deception and simply are tool of manipulation.

In conclusion, you should be aware of this and you should take a realistic position without self-deception.

Another point is the following:

A “problem” is negative because we lack of the necessary resources to manage it. Here we are in a position of deficiency.

A “challenge” is positive because we have the resources to cope with it. So we are in a position of power and we have the necessary energy and skills to be successful even if the situation is new.

The point is to understand this difference. So when you face a problem then become aware of what you are lacking – like time, energy, skills, knowledge, etc. and then in first place do your best to get these resources, ask for support, get in a position of power. And then the original problem turns into a positive challenge. And only then you are able to grow by experience. Otherwise a problem can cause real damage or negative and lasting effects.

In conclusion, – always get into a position of power first and then manage your former problems as a challenge.