Victims of manipulation

Today we experience massive manipulation activities for the masses of people. It is useful to meditate on this phenomenon. Manipulation is a very comprehensive topic so that I can only point at a very few but at the time important to understand aspects.

First of all, we can say that manipulation follows a certain intention or aim of a certain person or group where someone else is made to think, feel and behave accordingly. The other person or group of people is not asked for cooperation but simply utilized to realize the set aim. So we can say that manipulation is a matter of the dark side.

In contrast we can use the term “to convince” which belongs to the light side. Here we know something which the other person does not know or is not able to perceive or understand so far. And so we can inform the person and bring good arguments to convince the other person or group. Here it is the insight and the free decision to accept and follow the own idea or aim.

In conclusion – these are real differences.

Now there are certain characteristics which make you the perfect victim for manipulation while there are other qualities which protect you.

Indeed we can speak about a whole group of people which show the same qualities and with this are the perfect victims. These people are very naïve, gullible even if they have diploma from university. Then they are conditioned for good behavior. It is the good behavior which parents and adults expect from young children and which is rewarded. “I expect you to behave well, my son!” ”You are a good boy, here is your lolly!” This conditioning in the childhood by parents, teachers and other adults leads also to the effect to be happy to differentiate between yourself as the good boy or girl and the misbehaving other children which need to be blamed and punished. “I have behaved well as you expected me to do but my classmate misbehaved!” “Very good, my child, here is your lolly and now I will punish you classmate!” And a bright smile appears on the good child´s face. Indeed this differentiation and system of rewards brings happiness and security, the knowledge that your behavior is good and right, that the bad child deserves punishment and indeed that you will be always doing the right thing in life when you follow the expectations of authorities.

This is already amazing – “good” conditioning in childhood makes you an easy victim later for “authorities” in politics, business, religion, etc. “When I do what “authorities” expect me to do, I will receive rewards!”

Besides this mental attitude, we can say that this group of people has the clear dominance of the emotional level. This means that nearly everything is driven by emotional impulses while the intellect is at least secondary. So you can easily address and trigger their emotions to cause a corresponding and desired reaction without their need to question anything.

For example, you show such a person pictures of suffering people in Africa while talking about the suffering. Then you ask the person to donate money for the poor people. The result is that the person is emotionally driven and gives your money without questioning who you are, what you are going to do with the money, if it makes sense to help with money, etc. The person has the inner drive to be perceived as a good person due to the conditioning process in the youth and the person is emotionally triggered which blocks the intellect and the ability to question the situation.

In the same way it works in all other aspects of life. If you show such a person bad pictures of abuse of animals, the person directly becomes a vegan. If the person sees a politician who shows a nice, friendly behavior, maybe saying that he understands the needs of people, maybe caressing a child then the person directly perceives the politician as a good man who needs to be elected. If ideologists say that people need to fight for the “good” then such a person is directly joining this fight because “authorities” said that it is necessary.

Besides the mental attitude and the emotional drive, these people are also easily controlled by causing fears, insecurities and in a powerful way by installing guilt. To avoid or balance these bad emotions, these people are willing to do whatever the manipulator asks from them. This includes to pay money, to renounce rights, to take extra effort, to accept all kinds of limitations and extra stress, etc.

The point here is that on the intellectual level these fears or the guilt can be complete nonsense, illogical constructions but as the intellect of the victims does not work as it should, it doesn´t matter at all.

Unfortunately, these unhealthy personality traits are supported today with negative influences like bad quality of food, pollutants, vaccines, electrosmog and so on. Also, the mass brainwashing by TV productions helps a lot in this way.

I must say that it is very interesting and fascinating to examine these things. And I must add that it is especially today absolutely necessary for everyone to understand these principles.

It seems that this special victim group together with the followers of ideology in positions of power, the manipulators are in control today. The rest is silenced or made powerless. As the “good” ones have the tendency to destroy people with an own opinion it is hard for them to go against the “official opinion”.

Now, life is not about being a “good boy” or a “good girl” and fulfilling expectations of “authorities”. Life fails also completely when you only react on the emotional level without using your intellect.

Quite the contrary, life asks each and everyone to stay alert and to question everything, to make up your mind by evaluating information and then to do what is right.

Manipulation is a luxury which offers nothing good. It only costs a lot.

If there are good reasons for something to do, for something to believe in, then people can convince you with information and logical arguments. They don´t need to tell you artificial fairy tales and manipulate you.

In former times religious leaders where the best manipulators of people by threatening them with dogmatism and illogical ideas. But today our politicians are the most dangerous manipulators, serving hidden men in power and secret agendas.

Indeed, it is highest time to wake up before the damage becomes so comprehensive that the evil effects cannot be healed in the future.

In short: Use your brain, your intellect, don´t care about self-proclaimed authorities, become your own authority, question absolutely everything, be logical in reasoning and evaluation, heal yourself from the brain washing of society, connect to those with a healthy mind and heart. Take good care of yourself and your beloved ones. Regard the law of silence for your personal protection. Support the information and education of people. Support the true values, the real good in life.