Experiences with Melatonin

I want to share some personal experiences with the use of Melatonin. Like I have explained in my former article, Melatonin is connected to the night, to Akasha and to the beneficial, nourishing, balancing and healing aspects of the cosmic letter U which is pure Akasha. So when we produce Melatonin with our pineal glands when it is getting dark outside – the night – then we connect to this original state of Akasha, of total harmony, peace and deep healing can take place. During the day, the principle of light and activity is in charge. So we have both poles with their specific functions.

During the first two nights taking Melatonin I had stomach pains nearly the whole nights. I felt how the kidneys got activated, liver, spline, stomach and the front and back solar plexus chakras. Although it was painful and unpleasant I was very happy about these results. The healing of super old problems in this area took place thanks to Melatonin. When I was a teenager I had a serious pneumonia which nearly killed me and which affected kidneys, liver, spline and lungs. As a teenager I had also hard times on the emotional level, solar plexus which affected the stomach too. In conclusion being strong over two nights of taking Melatonin and coping with stomach pains this very old energetic blockade / problem got solved. A true wonder.

In the two further nights my lungs got wonderful healing impulses where old stuff from the pneumonia was cleared, released and healed.

And now – I enjoy sleeping like a baby, sleeping in wonderful harmony like in the years when I was a young child, having no problems, no stress but just enjoying life. The sleep has a maximum of quality and in the morning, I feel great and recovered. Life has been enriched for me.

I will continue with taking Melatonin until I am sure that all old blockades are dissolved and then from time to time I will take Melatonin to maintain my health in this regard.

Due to these experiments I clearly see how much stress on a daily basis is sabotaging a healthy sleep and with this the necessary recovering processes at night.

And the older we get, the more we need Melatonin to stay vital.

I hope that sharing my experiences inspire you to do experiments on your own, also with St. John´s wort.