A useful habit

There is a very simple exercise which you can do every morning to support your vitality, health and performance. It has also good effects of anti-aging.

Before you eat anything in the morning, get a glass of fresh cool water. No juice, tea or coffee – only fresh water.

Now imagine that this glass of water (and maybe you) is in the center of fresh, super vital life force. Here you can imagine that the source is nature or that it is the universal life force or you can connect to special sources. It is individual. Important is just that you connect your glass of water to the space filled with fresh vital life force. And now you let your glass of water accumulate the vital energy, at least seven times. This means, every time you naturally inhale, you let the glass of water inhale the vital energy from all sides. When you have done it, you impregnate the charged water with the idea “Vitalize my spirit, soul and body!” And then you drink it completely it all at once. For the impregnation it is useful to focus your will on the glass of water respectively the life force in it.

The whole exercise is very simple but at the same time very powerful. Cool water is the perfect medium to absorb vital energy and when it enters the body, to spread the vital energy perfectly in the whole energy system. This happens instantly. And the body has absolutely no effort to process the water. Further on, when you use water as the carrier of the vital energy, then you supply the energy directly from the inside to your body. This is more powerful than accumulating energy from the outside.

What happens when you do this? You receive an extra big portion of vital energy each morning which offers the necessary “fuel” for all self-healing processes, for balancing your mind, soul and body. You increase your level of performance. You recharge your batteries and you strengthen your aura, your charisma which helps to keep negative influences on distance and which helps you to realize wishes and ideas easier and faster. You have also a better influence on others. The processes of healing and cleaning help you to get rid of all wasted and ill energies. So it is also a matter of psychic hygiene.

All it takes is one glass of water with accumulated vital energy and a useful impregnation.

May this little exercise unfold a beneficial effect for you, your health and life!