About making experiences in life

We human beings are in main behaving like children, following subconscious impulses and desires without asking for a higher sense, or if it is lawful, useful, good or bad.

It reminds me of a typical situation in a super market. A mother is shopping with her young boy. She is trying her best to get all the stuff she needs for home while suddenly the boy stops, starts crying and shouting “I want ice cream!” The mother is flabbergasted as he pulls her out of her routine – she was in deep meditation about the stuff to buy. And now the mother starts “Look, we are in a super market. I need to buy stuff for making lunch. You cannot get an ice cream here!” And the boy replies “But I want ice cream now!!!” We can imagine how this situation turns out.

The point here is that the desire to get ice cream right now is totally out of the context. It does not fit into the situation and it causes trouble.

And this do we experience nearly daily in changing situations. It causes trouble, stress, extra effort, disharmony, etc.

From the point of view of the ego, here the little boy, it is no question as the whole focus lies only in the satisfaction of desires. But from the point of view of creation, the rest of the world it doesn´t work out like this as there are laws which need to be regarded.  Here in this example it would be “lawful” for the boy to wait after finishing lunch and then to go to a location where they sell ice cream as only there ice cream is available and not directly in a super market before lunch. In this example the mother takes the role of regarding the laws of creation, regarding the right time, right place (situation), the right quality and quantity, etc.

In conclusion, we humans create easily and perfectly chaos and with this trouble when we simply follow our selfish, subconscious desires and impulses. It is infantile behavior but quite normal and common. Adults are only children in older bodies.

For spiritual people this means to check our wishes if they fit to the present situation, if they make sense, where they origin from and if it is all positive then we should check how to realize them in a positive way by regarding all laws of creation. This means i. a. what is the right time for the realization? The right location? The right situation? The necessary factors? The right quality? The right quantity? What do I need for realization? What are the effects for me and others? And so on.

Now we come to the next important aspect of making experiences. The concept of creation is to offer situations where you go through all corresponding ideas. This means that you will make good and bad experiences in the whole diversity. Regarding our example with ice cream: You will have situations where you find no ice cream at all, where you get bad, more or less bad, really bad, good, fine and perfect ice cream, where you develop a preference for a certain ice cream which you won´t get in all cases, and so on. It is indeed a whole world of experiences only about ice cream.

And here is the point that it is not about getting directly your favorite ice cream in perfect quality right now and right here like your ego desires it but that it takes time and effort as well as disappointments but also happy moments before you can become the master of ice cream.

This means also that it is against the laws of creation if you as a magician try to get directly in perfection what you desire. Creation will offer you at first the diversity of experiences until you are mature to appreciate the best choice. In fact, this is a process of increasing your understanding of a certain topic and with this your ability to differentiate between good and bad choices. So, it follows all a higher sense.

The more mature we become as souls, the more we understand these principles and the more we are able to show respect to them. On the other hand, the more we focus on the infantile ego desires without any control/check, the more problems and chaos we experience in life.

A recommendable way, especially for spiritual people, is to take time and to meditate about certain wishes to become completely aware of their nature and the feasibility to realize them.

Let´s imagine you have the desire to find the fitting partner for a happy relationship. Here is it very useful to understand your own nature and your idea of the fitting partner. Then you should analyze your former relationship and the nature of your former partners. Here you will see that there are patterns in your choice of partners and in your relationships as well as in the reasons for breaking up the relationships. Then you will become aware of blockades, of deficiencies and needs for development of certain qualities, abilities and maybe also a necessary change of the perception of yourself, your partner, relationships, etc. Probably you must improve your idea of the fitting partner and of a good relationship. And after this comprehensive and insightful process you become ready for the real partner, the real relationship, the real you. In conclusion it is not all done by just saying “I want a beautiful woman/man for a relationship!” which unfortunately most people think.

Another very important point is to understand that life on earth has been planned already in the astral realms before your incarnation. So life is an awareness process with milestones where you deal with specific experiences which are necessary or useful for you. This includes also the meeting of different partners which might be more or less good or nice.

When we talk about relationships and looking for the right partner, then we have to deal also with different aspects here like attraction on the one hand and karmic reasons for meetings on the other hand. So there are partners which you simply find attractive while others are old friends, companions over time and space through several incarnations and with whom you have agreed to meet again to balance karma or to make wonderful experiences. In conclusion this “trivial” topic of getting into a relationship can be very complex but also very simple depending on your attitude. The more you bring yourself into a positive state by dissolving blockades and bad characteristics, the more you get in resonance with a fitting partner with the same positive nature for a happy relationship.

In conclusion, the more we understand how creation works the better we come along with it. In the end it is all about mastery of life. When you grow beyond the limitations of your ego, then you can work in harmony with the laws of creation on the realization of your wishes. Then you make positive experiences. And the more you understand and respect the laws the less you “need” to suffer. Suffering is in main a matter of lacking of understanding, of disharmony.

Life is meant to be experienced in the diversity of possible experiences. We can only take a useful, positive attitude to this.