This is the title of Dan Brown´s latest book. I will finish reading it soon. The book deals with the philosophical questions “Where do we come from?” and “Where do we go?”. These are nice questions which have been keeping religion, philosophy and science busy over time. The answers to these questions are in parts funny, fascinating, smart or quite stupid, ignorant, etc.

In his book, Dan Brown offers answers too. They are quite typical for our time and for spiritual people quite ignorant.

For me it is funny to see always the same intellectual approach by asking “How matter became alive?” This indeed implicates that at first there was matter and then in second place somehow life came into existence. For a typical atheistic materialistic scientist or philosopher this approach might be logical. But in reality it is wrong.

Seen from the spiritual-scientific point of view, life has existed already before any matter came into existence. So life has organized matter to appear as being alive on the material plane. This is very simple to understand as we live in a multidimensional universe. Spirit organizes matter. It is also the (human) spirit who drives a material (dead) car. Without spirit, not a single car will move anywhere.

It is really sad that today people are so ignorant. All the knowledge of thousands of years of humanity is available and people prefer to stay ignorant. We can enjoy the wealth of knowledge from all cultures, all times, all religions and all spiritual traditions. But people prefer watching TV and the intellectual junk food from school.

The concept of creation offers free choice – people are free to stay ignorant or to become wise. Besides fate, there is no force.