The letter of the creator

Each one of the quabbalistic letters is very special. Today I want to talk a little bit about the letter H. Bardon says that the letter H represents the power of the word. Letter H is corresponding to the saying of the bible “Let there be light and there was light.” The English version doesn´t fit the original meaning which can be translated “By speaking these words light appears due to my will!” Indeed, it is a matter of expressing the divine will and not of letting something happen. This is a major difference.

Further on, Bardon says that the letter H allows the student to become a real Quabbalist, embodying all knowledge and the necessary power to speak the letters in the right way. The letter H also offers direct inspiration by Divine Providence and has a mummifying effect on the body. And not to forget, the letter H realizes highest quality clairvoyance for eyes and third eye. By mastering this letter, the student becomes the total master of creation.

Practically seen, the letter H is a little challenge due to its characteristics. We can say that its nature is composed of highest spirit, fire, Akasha and air. It is the hot breath which gives life. It is the breath of the Creator. So, the letter H is very fascinating.

H is the creative power of God. It is connected to the Almighty Creator in his creative process. In fact, the student can unite with the Almighty Creator by accumulating the letter H in his microcosm.

So you become the conscious son or daughter of the Almighty Creator, charged with the hot breath, the creative fire spirit, the creator yourself. In the position of the Creator, you rule over creation. You are the one who gives life, the fire of life.

The letter H is very powerful and fascinating. It is a key letter for mastering theurgy – the art and science to work like God does. What Bardon officially calls Quabbalah. (Real theurgy is exactly this and far beyond normal magic.)