The destructive side

Spiritual people have the tendency to focus only on the positive side of life and personality while they try to ignore all what is low, dark or destructive. This is very unhealthy and illusory. The world is not heaven and the human personality is not of angelic nature. And you simply cannot escape the dark, unpleasant side by trying to ignore it.

Quite the contrary, this approach causes big problems, real diseases and more destruction and pain as necessary. When you ignore bad emotions like anger, hate, distress, pain then you accumulate them over time until they explode like a volcano in you. Either you hurt yourself – implosion – or your hurt someone else – explosion. Bad emotions are like poison and the more poison you accumulate the worse is your wellbeing and health. So, ignoring is not a solution at all. In fact, you must face reality and you must face that you probably have dark, negative, destructive aspects in your personality, also lower desires. This is all normal and natural for human beings.

In former times it was normal to work physically, also to show emotions and to battle. All three methods were useful to release stress, anger, pain and to find peace again afterwards. Today most people do not work physically and we are not allowed to express (bad) emotions. Most also do not battle with each other. In best case, people do sports or go the gym. This helps to release negative emotions and stress.

In conclusion, for normal people it is very healthy and useful to release consciously bad emotions and stress by physical workouts. Then, it makes also much sense to examine the reasons for stress, bad emotions, pains, the desire to destroy or damage or maybe even to hurt and kill someone. The circumstances of life are simply not healthy at all but too artificial and one-dimensional. So it is no wonder that aggression rises, also self-injury and suicide. Our living conditions make people ill. And the escape into spiritual heavenly realms does not really help.

When we examine the situation of spiritual people in training, working with vital energy, with the chakra system, with the four elements, etc. and practicing exercises of cleaning, healing and refinement then we have a different situation. Such spiritual students are able to cope with stress and bad emotions in a better way without ignoring or suppressing them. By the activation of the heart chakra and the general refinement and vitalizing process, the students saturate themselves with a high amount of positive energies which makes it nearly impossible to maintain any lower desires or bad emotions or showing destructive behavior. These students develop heaven on earth for themselves.

A real adept is even more refined and perfect than a student. He has a deep understanding of cause and effects of all desires, emotions, human interactions, etc.

Nevertheless, for all humans independent how developed they may be, it is useful to release consciously wasted energies, stress, etc. by physical training or sports. Martial arts are very beneficial in many aspects. Those who do martial arts have a high degree of inner peace. They are really fit and in an emergency case they can help themselves.

All in all the key is a realistic attitude, acceptance, cleaning, transformation and refinement and the regular channeling of destructive, dark energies in a conscious and harmless way.

Spiritual seekers must understand that not a single guru can expect from a beginner to be as perfect and divine as a true adept. So do not expect this from yourself. Better invest time and effort to make progress and to transform your personality. Unfortunately the misunderstandings of this matter are wide spread.