Aspects of Power

Power is one of the most misunderstood principles in nature. Most people associate power with manipulation and misuse. So, I want to put some light on this interesting topic.

Power in form of the fire element was the first “thing” which appeared, and which brought creation into existence. And in fact, it is the divine will power which realized creation and maintains it. The divine will keeps every single atom alive. It is also the divine will which keeps all laws of creation working. If God withdraws his will from creation, all worlds and all creatures would disappear directly into nothingness. Without the divine will, there would be none of the four elements, no wisdom, no knowledge, no justice, no love, no compassion, simply nothing.

When we imagine a human being one time in a state of power and for comparison another time in a state of being powerless, then this gives a good impression how important power basically is. Power offers personal freedom, choice, self-confidence, self-responsibility, protection, respect from others, the ability to take action when necessary, and so on. Power is in fact vital. Mars offers vitality. Mars is not all about war but about the vital principle of fire in creation.

In contrast, when we think about a powerless person. Such a person lacks of everything. It is defenseless, it is dependent, it is needy, it cannot make free decisions. Such a person can easily become a victim. And in fact, no one wants to be powerless.

When we examine a normal human being then we can see that the level of power depends on personality and on the position in society, the social status. As human beings have good and negative characteristics it is healthy that their level of power is limited. Already a more or less normal human being can cause a lot of damage.

When we examine now a spiritual student in training, we can see that his level of power is increasing due to his refinement and his work with all kinds of energies. So his natural level of power is raised by his increased ability to store energy. His battery has grown in size and in quality to say it in a simple way.

A spiritual master can unite with God in the different aspects or virtues which offers even more power and authority to realize wishes.

Besides all these things power has fascinating characteristics. Power can bring order into chaos. Power can vitalize and organize disharmonic states so that they return to a healthy state of natural order again. So power can bring healing to a system. Power can also break blockades and let you overcome obstacles. Power can make wonders happen. Power makes things feasible. And power always finds ways to realize something.

This all means, when you are in a state of power, no one will be able to stop you from realizing your aims and wishes. And this means that it must be a primary goal to get into a state of power.

This is especially true for all spiritual students.

It is also no wonder that the initiation into the Divine Fire is the highest initiation.

Power is vital. Power means freedom. Become powerful! And become humble to be able to bear the highest power!